Error: Searching for Hue Bridge, Devices Not Available

I cannot connect to my Hue lights anymore. Red exclamation mark on all my lights. I’m connected through Hue Bridge. Hue app version 4.0.4
I’ve restarted my Hue app, restarted Homey.
Removed a light. Cannot add this light again because there are no new lights.
Through Philips Hue app (not Homey), everything is working.

What can I do?

Edit: completely removed the Hue app. Restarted Homey. Re-installed the app: I cannot add any devices, no devices found.

Make sure that Homey and your Hue-Bridge have a fix (always the same) IP-Adress and try it again.

Yes, both ip-addresses for the Homey and Hue Bridge are fixed by my dhcp-server.

I got it working again by removing the Hue app, powering off for 10 minutes (Homey and Hue Bridge). Then I could re-add my lights. Off source with different id’s so I need to rebuild the flows…

Have you tried to only reset the hue bridge even though the hue app worked?
If not, try that next time.

I ones had a lost connection between homey and the hue bridge, after powering off and on the hue bridge it was fixed.

Yesterday evening all (5x) the Hue lights were unavailable again. I’ve tried resetting (power off) the Hue Bridge for a few minutes but that didn’t help: Available: No (Searching for Hue Bridge…). Restarted the Homey: didn’t fix it either.

Could be that this started after installing the latest version of the app v4.0.4 on 17 apr.

I suddenly have issues with the Athom Hue v4.0.4 app. All my hue lmps dont work anymore, while they do work via the philips hue app.

When trying to add the bridge via the Athom hue app i do not see the bridge?

Has this been removed somehowe from the app?

You could have tried to search bar (result) as the question has been asked, and answered, not too long ago (like only a few hours ago).

I’m having issues. As you mentioned it now, it could have been started from the latest version v4.0.4 of the app. I have made a support ticket as well.

I just did the update to 4.0.4 of the Philips Hue app and i now have the same experience.
better to create a support ticket.

If logged in there’s a report an issue button on the right side of this page.

That’s what I did. They are working on it. Well, I guess not during the holidays.

For now I removed the app, removed my Hue lights from the Hue Bridge. Installed this app: Hue ZigBee
After some work, everything running and working. Hopefully this app is stable. I’ll see the coming days.

A few hours later after a reset of the bridge and Homey itself and everything is ey okay… i don’t know how, it just works again…

Thats great! Hopefully it stays that way. Yesterday I had the same but after 12-hours it broke again. Let’s see.

I think this issue is revolved for me: Athom support saw in my logs that I was blocking Which I did with Pi-Hole (adblocker). Apparently the app needs to connect to once in a while.
Can’t speak for others but you may check your dns or internet connection.

Once in a while you say :sweat_smile:

This is from my monthly report (tp-link deco) at nr 1 You do the math… :upside_down_face::wink:

Haha, you are right. If it is blocked, it went nuts, doing checks every 30 seconds or so. I didn’t measure it when it was not blocked. A lot according to your data. :smiley:

I use pihole too for quite some time and this is than the first time this happens. Strange?

Also my homekit setup was all messed up.

At some point in time i was able to add the hue bridge again and had to rebuild my flows again. Now all seems ok again.

I do not know how it is with you, but again after rebuilding all my flows and now after release of 4.0.5 i have the issue back again :unamused:

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Yesterday i had the same, later i realised the app had been updated.
This time i did nothing and it fixed itself after a few hours.
I did send an email to support.

@Rob_Verboven I haven’t tried the update of the Philips Hue app. I’m happy with the Zigbee version. My Bridge Hue is not needed anymore.

Hello ,

I perform a Homey reset ( homeyVersion “2.2.0” )
Since impossible to put back my Hue bridge ( v4.0.11 - 02.06.19 )
I have the error all the time

No new devices were found.

Still, it works well with the Hue app, no network problem.

With each attempt, I see Homey permission in

"Last seen 2 hours ago
Created 2 hours ago"

I tried via smartphone, tablet and
Same result, someone found a solution?

Thank you in advance