Unable to connect to Homey / Hue devices unavailable

My Homey started to act very weird last night. I hope some of you could point me in the right direction. Someone have probably had a similar issue before.

I noticed that non of my Philips hue lights functioned. Nothing that had to do with lighting. I have most things connected to my Hue Bridge, and control every light through Homey with motion sensors and switches. The switches connected directly to the hub works fine. Everything connected via Hub to Homey don’t work. All devices are missing icons in Homey and they say “Device is unavailable”.

At the same time I have problems connecting to the homey often. After a restart of the homey, everything works for a short while and then breaks down again.

What could be the issue here? What could I do to test? Can I remove the Hue app and reinstall it, or would I loose all devices and mess up all my flows? Why the connection problem to my Homey? I’ve restarted my router and bridge, and the Homey several times. None of that works.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. I’ll send a support ticket soon in none have a quick fix here.

This looks like a memory leak some people are having.
Quickest fix is contacting athom and and hope they can find and fix the memory leak soon.

Try a different power supply.

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Could you tap on the device and make a printscreen of the error that is being displayed?

Is your Homey rebooting itself?

Have Ticket opend yesterday because Homey is booting since Thuesday-Night in irregular Times or goes Offline.

See first the Ring becomes Red, than Homey is booting.

Switched Homey Off because Homey is not usable with this Feature.

You mean for the Homey? You could be on to something. I just changed a couple of days ago from Athom USB cable to another generic charger and USB cable. I’ll try this first.

No. I can’t see the reboot lights, so I don’t think so. Just offline most of the time.

Yes, for Homey :slight_smile:

It was THAT simple :smiley: I think… Yesterday evening and today it all worked as it should.

I replaced the homey USB cable because it did not fit behind my cupboard. I suspect that I replaced it with a USB charger and/or a cable that did not provide enough power for the Homey/Zigbee antenna’s etc to function properly. If I do not report back with more, then this is the issue.

Thanks for all your ideas! I was worried I had to replace the unit. Would have been a nightmare without backup/migrate in place :o

In my case seems the Power-Adapter broken.

Only for Information (got it from Support):

Homey needs a Power-Adapter where output is 5V and at least 2A (2000mA).

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That and a good USB cable. Most Chinese cables have a very high internal resistance due to inferior materials. They deliver less amps to the device then good cables.

Darn it! The power supply was not the reason :frowning:
All my Philips Hue bridge connected devices are not working again. With original USB power adapter and cable. I’ll try with another with more than 2 amp output, but I doubt this is the reason now.

This is the errors I’m getting, in addition to “Homey is offline”.

And, just to be sure, the Hue bridge has a fixed IPadress?

I have exactly the same issue for the last couple of days!

Uit een ander topic met een soorthelijk probleem:

No. It does not. I’ll try to set s static one.

Oops, sorry, english… :stuck_out_tongue:

From another topic with a similar problem:

The same here!
Yesterday it happens 3 times and today again!

If you press on the red triangle you’ll get an error message, what does the error message say.

Also it almost looks like this started at 4.0.4. I have 4.0.2 running of the Hue app, which version do u guys have?