My Homey died ;(

Last night I found my Homey with the white led lights turned on. Very strange. I never seen my Homey using these white led rings.

I tried using the app but it wasn’t responding.

I thought it ‘crashed’ since my homey is always rebooting every night due to a bug in Bluetooth. So I did a P2P.

After that, nothing. No LED, nothing. Tried having it powered off for an hour. Tried different cables. Nothing. Nothing happening on a PC as well.

The timing sucks. I guess it always does. But we child nr. 2 is arriving this week so a lot of home time and now not a single light switch is working :frowning:

Anyway; I’m looking for tips/suggestions on what I could do?
Is the Homey any useful to anyone in terms of spare parts?

I should have a flow back-up from a month old. So i won’t loose a lot in terms of flows.

But how can I connect my devices to the Homey? I hope i won’t need to open every single switch in the house. I mainly have Fibaro and NEO.

Tips/Suggestions are welcome. I think i’ll order a Homey Pro tonight.

Have you tried a new USB-charger with capacity of at least 2A.

Each fibaro sw can be deleted and re-added by SW1 as long you have SW1 connected. If not, then your in a bit of trouble.

How did you switch light on and off now that they are not working? With flows? Uh that is well, hm something I would try to avoid just because of trouble you are now in. Maybe try with associations once you get things back in order. In that case if gateway is lost again at least switches would continue to work.

Yep, tried like three or four .

@David_K I assume the SW1 is the Homey? well the homey is dead so its not online.

I turn lights on/off now with the Hue App. But it used the be completely by flows.

Hm, I was referring to Fibaro Switch FGS-223 and similar. I don’t know if you use those. Those have SW1 and SW2 terminals. SW1 can be used to associate it to gateway or to remove it from the network.