Homey died?

Hey there,

Let’s start that i already sent a support ticket but did not get any response yet, but hey maybe somebody here can help me.
I bought a homey early 2019 with the 2.0 software a few days ago and last night my homey froze just before or after triggering a flow , with a static rainbow showing on it’s ledring. while it normally blue fades.

couldn’t connect via app, or developer.athom. first the app was showing trying to reconnect with a countdown and then that it couldn’t connect. tried rebooting app. but no result.
i couldn’t get a response of the homey.

Looked at the support site and tried the suggested powercycle with minimum 10 seconds between plugging out and in.
Then the homey did nothing except for soft hissing noise coming from the speaker. i waited for a few minutes , nothing happened no orange ledring or whatsoever.

Tried the powercycle again. same result. but that time i noticed a little flash inside homey. propably from one the leds. and the same hissing sound.

Tried it again and turning the homey over after 15 seconds… waiting for countdown… nothing else happens.

tried it again with a longer pause and a different 10W usb adapter , same result.
and again with an half an hour pause.
and again, and then i sent the support request.

Then i let it overthink it’s wrongdoings overnight , and tried it again in the morning same result.
Took it with me to work, so i could try something if support came back to me… ., don’t know what the response time is normally??

there i tried it with the original and a different usb adapter and let it stay for more than an hour. but nothing happens except for the instant small hissing from the speaker.

it looks pretty dead to me … at least useless :slight_smile:

Anyone with suggestions?

I still have the possibility for exchanging it at the store since i only got it a few days…, because i think i already lost all my flows… it seems the quickest way to getting my home back to work again…

but thanks already for any suggestions… !

Usually I would say to send it back to Athom (as you already tried a new adapter) but perhaps it’s easier to return it to the store. Sounds like a HW-problem indeed.

Have you tried the bottom up method? 10 seconds countdown?

yes Tried it multiple times with different times after poweron, yesterday and today, but no response.

Tried it again and turning the homey over after 15 seconds… waiting for countdown… nothing else happens.

Looks to me like a hardware issue. The hissing sound is not good. I would send it back to the store and replace it with a new one.

Went back to the store , and they thought the same thing, and gave me a new homey :smiley:

So i can start over :frowning: … but at least this one works!