Homey dead


I just got back after being away over the weekend and found Homey dead. It seemes as it died sometime during the night since my outdoor night lights where turned on but never turned off.

I have tried to change the power cord with no success. Homey gives no light or sound. I have tried it up side down while plugging in the power cord. Completely dead… LED gives no light.

What else could I?

I bought it in may last year so it is just over a year old. Is this expected lifetime of Homey?

Any help wery much appreciated!


I don’t know if this is the solution but have you tried a different adapter aswel?
(There are several posts about it on the forums if you do a search.)

Thanks for quick response! Sorry, by power cord, I also meant the adapter. I have tried two different adapters and one different power cord.

Any other suggestions?

No, but i would check and contact;


Athom Support new Request:

Following up on this.

I made a support request to Athom, got a quick respons saying that i probably need to replace my Homey. I got two options, either send it to Athom (Netherlands) or contact my reseller for a replacement. My reseller replaced the unit.

All good. Only downside is that I have to reconfigure everything again, every device, every flow, scripts… Athom says they are working on a backup/restore functionality. Would have been use full.