Is my Homey dead?

Hello. My Homey has had this light on like this for 35 hours. It’s offline, and I can’t reset it by turning it upside down. I wonder if it’s finished?

First try to power Homey with different powerplug (min.2Amp)

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Oh sorry. I forgot to write that. It is tried with different supplies :nerd_face:

Try to power off for about 15 mins.
Then plug it in and after a half minute, turn it upsidedown.
Wait for a minute or so.
Then, even when you don’t hear a countdown, open the app and add a new Homey.
More (...)Your name[+] Add a new Homey
Your Homey should be found if there’s still some life in it.

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Nothing happens. It just glows like before :unamused::unamused::unamused:

Contact Athom support

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Will do… :sleepy:

And let us know, what they told you. Btw how old / which generation it is? Is the colour animating or steady ? (

Also can you check if you see Honey got connected on your router?

But honestly it looks bad :frowning:

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It´s a pro from april 2021 :frowning: the light is steady.
I will let you know :slight_smile:

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Mine just died also. Homey pro 2019.

I was replacing the damn thing to put in in proximity to a bluetooth device. Plugged it in and it gave this white light.

After 3,5 years 399 euros in the trash. Athom basically told me bad luck buy another one. No repairs, no inspection what could’ve caused it. Just bin it, terrible.

What do you expect from the forum users?

What do you expect to get out of your comment

Just your view on how anyone can help you, while you don’t ask a question.

Thats right I don’t ask anything. Athom c(w)ouldn’t help me. They declared it dead so it’s just adding on to the pile of dead Homeys on this forum.

However there is one question, maybe you know this: how can I get rid of/delete my first Homey on my account?

I am a little bit worried that I as a developer will have a higher likelihood of bricking my homey because the homey probably uses some kind of flash disk and they only have a certain number of times it can be written to… and while I develop I certainly upload my programs a whole lot of times. So if I may ask, are you a developer too?

It certainly makes me reconsider whether I should develop anything at all.

Are you still using the original power supply?

It has an eMMC disk on board, which should have wear leveling support. I’ve uploaded many an app on my Homey for years now, and never had issues (although OTOH, I regularly receive app crash reports that suggest the user’s storage is bitrotting).

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Nope not a developer but what Robert describes, I recently had a bunch of app crashes and it was more sluggisch than notmal lately. Don’t know whats the correlation between all that. We’ll never know because Homey isn’t interested.

I had the original charger and cable. I’ve tried many other powerbricks but it just doesn’t do anything anymore. I also didn’t have back up installed so I spent a night collecting and re-installing all the devices, got rid of a lot of standard flows and made them in advanced flow so tidied that right up thats a plus.

Unfortunatly I only could get my hands on a refurbished homey non-pro, the memory is already stuffed. Lets see how long this one survives. But if it continousto fail at this rate this is my last Homey.

Thanks @robertklep , sounds good.

@Otter , have you tried to connect it to a computer via USB. (I’ve not used those over USB debug features, but maybe you can get some more info out of it there?)

Sadly, no. Homey is a white round black box.