Is my Homey dead?

Hello. My Homey has had this light on like this for 35 hours. It’s offline, and I can’t reset it by turning it upside down. I wonder if it’s finished?

First try to power Homey with different powerplug (min.2Amp)

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Oh sorry. I forgot to write that. It is tried with different supplies :nerd_face:

Try to power off for about 15 mins.
Then plug it in and after a half minute, turn it upsidedown.
Wait for a minute or so.
Then, even when you don’t hear a countdown, open the app and add a new Homey.
More (...)Your name[+] Add a new Homey
Your Homey should be found if there’s still some life in it.

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Nothing happens. It just glows like before :unamused::unamused::unamused:

Contact Athom support

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Will do… :sleepy:

And let us know, what they told you. Btw how old / which generation it is? Is the colour animating or steady ? (

Also can you check if you see Honey got connected on your router?

But honestly it looks bad :frowning:

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It´s a pro from april 2021 :frowning: the light is steady.
I will let you know :slight_smile:

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