Steady Green light - Homey Pro dead?

Hi guys! I have a Homey Pro that have worked just fine for me, untill now.
After a power interruption my Homey Pro dont respond to anything. The LED-Ring have a steady green light on the side. The green light shows up right away when starting HP up, with no visualisation/flashing on the LED-ring. Nothing happens when i turn it up side down to restore it either…is my Homey Pro dead or is it something i can do to fix it?

I have tried to let Homey stay whitout power over night, but no luck in getting it back in business. I have also tried to change power cable with another orginal Homey Pro cable…

Soooo…any ideas?

Also tried an other adapter?
Or did you mean that you have tried another adapter and cable?

Yes, did try another adapter and cable (original since i have another Homey Pro at home)

That doesn’t look good.
Will it enter recovery at a rollover?

Else contact support.

No, nothing happens when turning it upside down…

When upsidedown for a minute, doesn’t it respond when you open the app and add a new Homey?
…More > select your Homey name at the top > Add Homey

No, HP is not responding when upsidedown. No contact with HP from the app either…

I am facing the same issue! I just wanted to factory reset my Homey 2019 for resale after I setup my new HP23 and it died on me! :frowning:

Support case created, but Homey is 3y old now so not sure what to expect…

Tried this?

OR leave it unpowered for, say, 15 minutes and try again

Yes, tried it all. It was working fine minutes before I tried to factory reset it!

Not sure if a repair is still covered, but I would expect a device like Homey to have >2y warranty…

O well, at least HP23 is running fine so far! :slight_smile:

This is just happened to me - I unplugged it to take into the kitchen to take some photos ready for selling - then plugged it back in for photos when it’s booting up - plugged it in then all I got was a green light on the ring - only had it 17 months - I’ve connected support see what they say

Did you swap the power supply for a 5V/2.1A (or higher A) one, preferrably by a wellknown brand. Replace the cable as well.

When this solved it, you can request a new PSU at Athom.
(It is a known issue some of the original PSU, the output voltage gets lower over time).

I used the PSU that I’ve used for months which is an apple ipad charger - will give it a go and try a different psu and cable

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These never fail… :wink:

I actually had a similar experience a few months back. After receiving the HP23 I wanted to reset my HP19 for resale when it suddenly died on me! I could only see a faint green glow (not the led ring itself, but the small led on the main board). Tried every trick, but it just never turned on again. Contacted support, and they indicated that it was no longer under warranty, and probably not worth a repair. So it went into the garbage… :frowning: