Homey Pro will not start showing a single blue led

I am really wondering about the quality of the Homey Pro. My second attempt on Homey Pro also failed.

I picked up an fully working Homey yesterday. I wanted see if it actually worked after getting the first one earlier in the week with the purple ring of death.

It needed a reset. After starting it up and turning it upside down the ring went red. No voice, no nothing. After a few minutes I turned it back to upright position. Still red. After unplugging it it starts up with just a blue led.
I have tried again but nothing changes. Tried new adapter but still the same.

For support or issue resolution, first have a look at support.athom.com. If you are unable to find the answer to your question on support.athom.com you can send a support request to Athom via https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new.

If you need help you can read more about how to submit a support request.

When filing a support request, make sure you add all necessary information so Athom can help you as quickly as possible.

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Purple and blue are normal status indicators. I think you’ll have to wait a little longer?

If your Homey leds do nothing more than shine continuous red for hours, that’s probably the red ring of death. I’ve had that one too.

I have never heard of a purple ring of death.

This is most of the time unable to recover / restart => Return to Athom!

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So after buying two Homey Pros, both needs to be sent back to Athom. I think I am done with Homey. Maybe I am stupid enough to try one more time. Third time’s a Charm right?

Don’t know. This case seems very bad luck, and maybe check your mains power (dips, spikes, voltage out of upper/lower limits).

I presume they’re replaced without cost when Athom can’t fix them?
Or maybe you can demand a Pro 2023, but then you’ll have to wait for x months after the shipping starts

Third time was the charm. I have now a fully functional Homey Pro. Since I bought two fully functional used ones that failed on me. It costed me a lot of money. “Buy 3 and get one for the price of 3”

I actually tried to buy a demo example in local shop. It was just a dummy, but they told me they have had a lot of failed Homey Pros lately. Since those where under warranty (Norwegian law) and no new one was available, they where a bit frustrated. They would NOT sell Homey anymore

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I cannot connect the device with the application, it does not search for the wifi network created by the device