Steady purple light - Homey Pro 2023

I bought a used demo Homey Pro 2023 (HP) from the store. I’m trying to add Homey from the app, but can’t do it because the light of my HP is not breathing blue. It is steady purple (or pink). After powering on my HP the light is circling white for a while and then it turns to steady purple. After about 90 seconds it will restart again and the restart loop starts again.

I have tried resetting, but no luck. A couple of times I got yellow light after pushing the reset hole for more then 30 seconds. Now the light does not change even if I push the hole for a minute or more. It stays purple the whole time I’m trying to reset.

I don’t have an ethernet cable connected.

I have no idea what to try next. Can anyone help?

Try resetting it via usb, this could be helping if you have it stuck in a bootloop.

Steady purple is not mentioned in the “Understanding LED ring” doc.

I will try to rest/update firmware using usb cable. Thanks for the hint.

I did “Factory Settings” and “Update firmware” using USB cable. Both ended successfully. My HP’s LED ring is still purple (or pink or maybe even red), but it is not breathing or circling. It is steady. You can see from a certain angle both red and blue colors, that’s why I call it purple.

Does anybody know what does the undocumented steady purple color means? What to try next?

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