Purple light in loop and no more

Dear all, I would like say thanks in advance at all can help me.
My homey pro, from many days, is in a loop, only a purple light, and can’t make nothing.
Also factory reset is impossible.
Is like this from an upgrade, but the result was ok.
Someone can help me?

Hi there. Try:

  1. unplug Homey for at least 11 minutes.
    if this does not help
  2. Change power adapter to a new one that is supporting at least 2.1 Amp.
    if this does not help
  3. Call or mail Athom Support. (Submit a support request – Homey Support)

Thanks a lot JOHAN, I’ve try 1 and 2 without result, now im in point 3!
Thanks again.

My Homey is on the way to NL, Athom people are very kind and for sure will fix the problem, probably was a SW problem during upgrade.
Thanks again for your help