Homey Red Ring / Cannot Reset nor Add - All Options Exhausted

Need assistance in regards to accessing my Homey. It has not been used in roughly a year or so, but has been powered with the solid red ring for couple months now. It may be a firmware issue, as it has not updated for quite awhile.

When it receives power, it loads its usual orange ring, after 30 seconds to a minute it locks into the red ring. Attempted to reset but again it locks into its red ring state. Can’t bring up a diagnostic report to have anthom support assist me, as I am unable to add the homey into my account. Much appreciated to those who can help. I’ll do my best to fill in any information gaps that I have missed.

  1. I would first try use a different power adaptor than the original one, get one at least of 2A (or 10W). Lots of knows issues with the original adaptor.
  2. Also, after the LED turns red, I would leave it for a while, like 20 mins at least, there was an issue with some firmwares where red LED came at boot up and for majority of people leaving Homey run for a while it sorted out.

I am sure when the people from Europe wake up they would give you some better advise than mine.

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I have attempted to rectify by using different adapters etc, but same result. I haven’t left it on its red state over night as of yet, but so far no results since its original appearance as the red ring (Been roughly 2hrs). Thanks though :grin:

Pls create a support ticket at the Athom support site, you don’t have to enter a diagnostics id, or enter 0.

Thank you, placed in my request for further support.