Stuck on solid red ring - tried everything but factory reset

Dear communuty,

My Homey early 2018 is stuck and is not having a good time. It has been stuck on a solid red ring for 2 days now. Not sure if it happened after an update or not. It was NOT previously upgraded to v2.0, and I have been using the Homey (legacy) app to control it. I suspect it has been upgraded to v2.0 now automatically.

Anyways, this has been my troubleshooting so far:
I have tried about 6 legitimate PTPs (for 15 min power off - 45 min wait) with different 5V-adapters ranging from 2.1A to 3A.
When it is stuck long enough, I try to put it in recovery mode. This works well enough, however it does not count down, I just hold it upside down and suddenly the unit says “Hi, I’m Homey. Go to” (and the pulses yellow).
I have tried both the setup through the browser, and the setup through the app. I am able to connect to WiFi (the ring pulses blue until it successfully connects which both turns the ring green and I get a voice confirmation). Then the ring turns yellow (the app says that its “Checking Homeys view of the world” or something) and then it stays on “Please wait - Homey is rebooting” - Video for 5-7 minutes before it gets stuck with a red solid ring forever.

This is 2nd real significant instability issue I have had (after the power plug just died for no reason some other time). I would really like to not factory reset, but seems like the last thing to try. I have about 30-40 devices, and probably around 100 flows.

Update: I have tried factory resetting now, and I have run into the same problem. Now it gets stuck on solid red ring after reboot after Homey’s voice has been downloaded and prepared. Now I’m out of troubleshooting options :frowning: I have 10 floor heating zones that has its Fibaro controllers embedded into protected housings, they will stay on until I get something to control them with (the Homey!) so I’d really appreciate some help! It’s getting really hot in my house.

Guess is time to contact Athom support

I am not able to help so far but I find it a strange coincidence that I have the exact same problem since yesterday with the same software version (last pre 2.0 version, ie not updated and an older Homey that suddenly just stopped working with a red ring). I tried all the same things you did so far with the same results.

I have contacted support so let’s see if there’s any suggestions from them.

Aww, bad omen. I will also file a Support-message, but I am not able to get a diagnostic report because the Homey is stuck, and the diagnostic report is mandatory field for the support registration <.<

Just make one up!

If I look at previous discussions it seems going from 1.x to 2.x has bricked some Homeys so I guess it’s a real possibility an automatic update was triggered. If that was the case it would have been nice to get a warning to be able to save all the latest flows. But let’s see.

As an update I managed to finally get Homey to boot by following the instructions here Homey went offline/ crash

You need to press ALT, then select download full update and again press ALT to get a Next option. My Homey is now 3.0 but unfortunately I had already resetted the device so have to add back all devices and flows. I am happy it seems to work again but if it turns out the update was forced it could have been done in a better way.

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Hello again! I’m back, and I’ve troubleshooted some more. Tried the solution you proposed (indeed described furthermore here ) , and that WORKED for me! I was finally able to download updates and reboot the intended way. Now I am however left to a factory resetted state and with version 3.0, so that’s demoralizing and completely unnecessary, but it’s also complaints and feedback for a different place.

Good to hear that solved the issue for you too! I have the same outcome as you with regards to usage because I also did a factory reset while trying to resolve it.

Having said that, on a second Homey with the exact same problem I selected “keep my data” to avoid just that situation and while it also updated fine to 3.0 I cannot login to that Homey at all because it just gives me “An unknown error has occured [user_not_found]” on a browser and the Android app also refuses to connect.

So overall not happy with how this turned out but that is indeed a subject for another topic.

You can only do this with the most resent App(v3…) on your phone!

Mine suffered the same issue. The Homey is now back up after a few days with version 3.0, but I’ve lost EVERYTHING and none of my devices will pair with it any longer.

I used to be able to tell Homey to add a ZWave device, put the device into pairing mode and it found them without any issue. That’s not working, or, it wants exact brands and models, and my exact brand and model (Environexus Nero-Dim & Nero-Blind) aren’t listed. They used to work as Qubino devices, now, nothing seems to work for them. Is there any way to go back?

Oh and by the way, I hate having to use the phone app, bring back the Mac app!

Athom support is useless, you can fix it yourself. Just use the correct procedure which is slightly different from the procedure that is being shared by Athom support:

1 Power off Homey
2 Power on Homey
3 After 5-10 seconds, hold Homey upside down
4 Wait until Homey starts talking to go to
5 Follow instructions up to point where you need to click Next to initiate wireless network connectivity
6 Click Next and continously press the ALT-key, don’t hold it but keep pressing it until you get to the next page
7 On the next page, hold the ALT-key and you’ll notice the menu options change
8 My best experience was to revert to 2.x channel first, after rebooting etc still got the Red Ring. Repeated steps 1 to 7 again, and used restore to Factory default option
9 Homey came back alive

Next issue, Homey app can’t find Homey to set it up.
Solution, log out of Homey App and log back in… Surprise, it now suddenly sees Homey in setup mode

The troubleshooting process is flawed. Athom support knows it, but doesn’t do anything other than to have you send in your “broken” Homey for RMA. But you can fix it yourself, just use the same procedure slightly different.

After this recovery I did upgrade again to 3.x firmware, but no longer on the experimental firmware. Haven’t had issues anymore so far.


Thanks for the additional feedback, however to clarify neither Homey exhibits the red ring problem anymore following the upgrade to 3.0 so the upgrade solves the original issue in this topic. Unfortunately as a side effect it also requires doing factory reset.