[Solved] [red ring] I got red ring after update homey today

Anyone can help to solve my homey, it was display red ring after update today. PTP had no affect. Power supply in good condition.

Step1: Put the Homey on Factory Reset mode.
Step2: Using a laptop, browser, type the path: “setup.athom.com”.
Step3: According to the instructions, connect Homey to your WiFi network, which has an internet connection.
Step4: When it trying to conect to your WiFi netnork, press ALT button on your keyboard, and hold until the screen appears button “OK” to download firmware update. Now you can release the alt button and follow the instructions.

p/s: I emphasize that this is not a power problem, use the adapters and the cable that come with the device.

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Guide to PTP:

Did u try another adapter with 2.1A minimal?

it is original Athom adaptor, 5V-2A. Is it ringt?

After PTP, i turn it into factory reset mode, then connected it to wifi network. It connected, downloaded voice package, and going to rebooting, and still display red ring at the end.

As @Rocodamelshekima suggest, try another adapter, which give as least 2.1A

My Homey also is stuck on red ring now.
First I tried Recovery Mode and pairing it back with the WiFi. It connects to WiFi successfully, starts yellow ring and is processing. Then turns to solid red after 5 minutes.
Have tried PTP with 15 min waiting. It has working yellow ring for about 5-7 minutes, then lands back to solid red.
Tried with different cable and adapter. It’s an original Homey (1) from late-mid 2018.
I am trying anything to stay away from factory reset as it is connected to about 40 devices, and it has probably 100 flows.

Just throwing in my two cents. Are you also using the original power cord? (USB cable)
some low end USB cables also cause issues with the power supply. (speaking with experience when I tried attaching the Homey sphere to a longer cable)

I see you have tried to withdraw your post, did you solve your problem? Could you share your total experience? Mine is still not working. :frowning: I cant turn my floor heating off either.

i have a multi functions meter, so i can confirm that, the power supply is in good condition.

yes bro, i still use the origial cable.

my case still has not been solved yet. i will try with a power supply that has 3A. But i do not hope it will solves my problem.

i will try with a 5V-3A adapter and feedback the result later. Thanks you!

i will try with a 3A adapter!

Same problem here. Did the same, nothing helps. I use the original adapter. No idea what to do next.

And u also tried this?

Same problem here. Tried all solutions mentioned and more, have been working on it for hours and hours. Since so many people are experiencing the same problem at the same time, it looks like things were changed at Athom? Can anyone from Athom respond, what is causing this problem and how can you solve it?

Hi, I am also having a same problem. Red ring and even after factory reset, it will get stuck during boot up and eventually show a constant red ring.

Can anyone from Athom respond please?

Athom generally does not read or respond to these topics so better file a support request.

Thanks a lot for informing!