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Red ring after PtP, but Homey still working

I did a PtP for 10 minutes and restarted Homey.
After some time (longer then normal) starting up showing the yellow ring, suddenly the red ring occurs.
I did a short PtP after that with the same result. (a red ring at the end)
After a while the red ring disapeared and Homey is functioning normal (As far I can Judge)

What to do, Why is this red ring? Can I find somewhere at homey the reason for that?
Neads this a special action?

I have the same issue but it stays on a red ring. After making a threat on GitHub they advised me to get in touch with support@athom.com


I did a reset on homey at the chapter “system” (So no PtP) and now no red ring at the end, but normal functioning Homey :roll_eyes:.
I will wait a little bit

Same issue here, for already several months. Still don’t know the cause though…