Homey stopped working after update

Hi Everyone!

Hope someone could help me with this. Today I started an update for homey via the windows app. It started the update as it should but half way of doing so the ring turned red… now after several hours this is still the case… After cycling the power it shows the startup animation (orange rings) and right after that the red ring again…

Anyone knows how to solve this?

Thank you!

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Did you do a PTP for 11,2 minutes?

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I understand what you meen with 11.2 mimutes but what is the long description of PTP?

Oke found PTP

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And did it help?

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Unfortunately it didnt solve the issue :cold_sweat:

Try another adapter (at least 2.0 Amp)
Or another kabel between Homey and power unit.
Mostly it’s the power unit that is faulty.