Homey Died, Red ring

Yesterday my Homey suddenly stopped working. No response at all.
No longer visible in my network. That’s why I took the steam off the homey and let it reboot.
After about 2 minutes a yellow rotating ring. Turn it into the Red ring.
I’ve rebooted it several times, and also had it off the power for over 10 minutes.
I also can’t get it into recovery mode by holding the homey upside down.

Does anyone have any tips?

Have you tried a different power supply?
The original one may give some issues.
Please check of you use another one that is has at least 2A.

Other power adapter

I’m sorry, Yes I also tried an other adapter & cables.

In that case contact Athom Athom support ticket

I’m send it to Athom and they will take a look at it.
Thanks for the advice