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Homey RROD Manual Recovery

Hi guys,

I bought my in-laws Homey as they did not use theirs. I believe they never ever got it set up in the first place.

Sadly, I got hit with the red ring after a minute of booting up. Turning it upside down for recovery mode doesn’t work. There’s no countdown or whatsoever. Switching Homey on upside down does give the purple ring so the sensor is working fine.

Upon my quest of getting Homey back alive, I’ve stumbled upon many people facing this same problem. Most of them seem to have found success with manual recovering the Homey by connecting it straight to a computer. Sadly, all these solutions have been censored by Athom and replaced with a note to contact their support email.

However, their support seems to have a fair bit of backlog due to the holidays and I had already cleared my schedule for this weekend to get my entire home setup for Homey. So I am hoping to get it running by tonight.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get Homey running, I would love to get your input. Thanks in advantage!

First power up Homey , then turn upside-down after ~30 sec.
Check if Setup wifi comes up to reconfigure the wifi.

The offline recovery’s from the beginning are probably not working anymore.

If it doesn’t work wait for support and send Homey back to let them recover.

Purple is normal the flashing of firmware so don’t unplug then…

I had the red ring lots of times when I was still on 1.5.x.
I always managed to get it booted again by having patience, leaving it off the power for some hours and then booting it again.
If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again :slight_smile: