Red ring on (pro 16-19)


Now i have gotten a red ring on my Athom Homey, and no connection with my app on the telephone.
There is nothing happening on my sensors and i cant do anything.
even when i flip it upside down, it dont start the recovery mode
I have tried to change power adapter, but no change.
what can i do, so i can reconnect?
I need this fixed quick, so my wife dont have to take cold showers

Best regards from Morten

Probably nothing,
Maybe (smal chance) another USB Adapter and USB A - to Mini cable if this one is damaged but I guess you better get something brilliant for your wife …and Work on Plan B:
So switch everything by hand until your New Homey arrives…

Contact the Shop or Athom if you think it is in warranty, but small chance you can fix it self.
I think it must be returned to Athom to fix.

It might be fixable by Athom, it might not.

One thing you could try:

I think flipping it only works just after restarting. You’re not clear about the steps you took.
So what you can try, unplug Homey, wait for five minutes, plug it in again.
Wait for half a minute or so, and then flip it upsidedown;
Now don’t wait for the voice announcement, just open the app after half a minute / one minute,
and follow instructions: [HowTo][Pro] Restarting Homey Pro to Recovery Mode - Adv. Options From Mobile

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