Homey Pro (Early 2023) Updating firmware


After I took a backup I wanted to do an update and it seems it’s stuck for a while.
what can I do?

Define ‘a while’ please. If it’s 10 mins, just wait a bit longer.

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it’s more than 10 min. I don’t have an exact number.

I’d give it another half an hour. I can’t say if it’s harmless to reset (by using the pin) or power it off and on.
Does the led ring show anything?

The led ring is “breathing” orange.

That matches with the fw update ‘event’

Actually it’s in Rotating Orange state. The thing is that the progress bar is in the same place for 1h already.

Rotating Orange — Homey Pro is doing something while in DFU Mode. This can be either installing an update, resetting to factory settings, creating or restoring a local backup.

I restarted the device and everything is OK.

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What version is it now?
try online (not on Computer)
or try with a different short cable on the computer, USB A-to C, also try another Port if possible.

now it’s 10.0.0-rc.122. it was updated automatically.
I can’t blame the cable in my case because the backup worked ok. I used an apple usb-c cable.

For anyone else finding this thread like I did, my firmware update via usb also got stuck like this for well over an hour. But mine was not ok again when I unplugged it and powered it up untethered. It just sat there spinning white forever rather than starting up.

I fixed mine by plugging into USB again and reverting to a previous local backup that I had fortunately just taken.

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