I think I just killed my Homey

So my homey had some troubles since a few weeks, showing a red ring of dead following by rebooting, working for some time and getting in the red ring again. It now happened with every 5 minutes so I thought I should do a factory reset.

But when I held homey upside down all kind of electric static wend through its speaker. So I released the cable, plugged it in again, same electric stuff and when it made the sound Homey was starting the orange ring again so it kept restarting.

Trying another cable resulted in the same and after an adapter switch to the one of my iPad it showed a blue ring with one white dot, than a blue ring and now nothing at all… it still clicks a bit when you put power on it but that’s basicly it.

So I think I fried the hardware. Others agree? Any rescue possibilities?

If not, is the now Homey classic still the same as the hardware 1.0? Can I still connect kaku to it? Or transmit IR to some devices? Because I think I need a replacement now as I miss the automation in my home already.

Had the same Issue this Year. The Power-Adapter/Power-Plug was broken.

If you are using the original Power-Adapter/Power-Plug and original Cable try an other one with this specifications (got them on my Issue from Athom): Please make sure the output is 5V and at least 2A (2000mA).

If you are using an other Power-Adapter/Power-Plug you should switch to the original that came with Homey.

See also here:

disconnect the power during factory reboot should not be a problem. disconnect the power during a software update is a big problem.
when you replace the power supply, be sure it is a 5V/2000mA power supply, and a proper cable. The best you can do is order a original replacement power supply and cable when you think it’s broken.
Sometimes a broken power adapter still gives 5V, but will not suplly enough capacity. So my advise: replace it for a original set, or bring your homey to a care centre and let it be tested by a professional.

good luck, i’ll cross my fingers for you!

I tried an adapter and cable of one of my collegues from his Homey.
Mine didn’t respond on it, so I think it was fried.

Bought a new one and now in the process importing all devices and creating the flows again, and connecting Alexa and Domoticz. Takes some time to setup everything again :frowning:
A restore or copy config from old homey function via the homey app would be great here…