Homey - Froze - Random Red Ring - White Noise

Hi All

Hope someone can help me out here!
First off Details of Homey

*Homey (Early 2016) *
F/W 4.2.0-rc.11
Storage 1.2gb free of 1.6gb
*Memory looks to be about 50% used *
App version

This is my issue :frowning:

Today i came home and Homey did not detect me first i thought my internet was down but it wasn’t.
After i checked in with Alexa to turn on the lights i realises Homey was offline.
I then went to Homey and i noticed it was making a weird sound like white noise


This is me recording it, From 4 secs is where i bring the phone closer to Homey and you can hear the white noise sound.

I did a hard reboot Homey took a while on the orange light then went red then went ok and i could see it start responding in the app then rebooted went orange again and then came good everything took while to respond but it started.

Then about 30 mins later Homey just started with the red ring then stopped but is still responding ok at the moment.

I have never had any issues like this before with Homey never seen a red ring never needed to reset Homey etc etc its been pretty stable for the last 4 years. Hoping this might just be a firmware bug in this version and hoping that someone can put me at ease and tell me if it is !

I am worried about that sound though and again i am wondering if this sound is on other Homeys ???

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read!

Cheers Matt

You might to contact support@athom.com for this

Thanks i will do that wasn’t sure if it was support worthy!


The rhetorical suggestion. Try replacing the power supply with a proper one of at least 2A (10W). Like one from an iPad will do the job.


Agreed, very likely a power supply issue.

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Thanks i will try that now!

Thanks Everyone, found the original EU power pack and a EU to AU converter and used that and the noise is gone! I have ordered a new AU 2 AMP ipad power pack to replace the dodgy connections :slight_smile:

thanks again for your advice!!!


Nice to hear it worked!

From the moment I received Homey I tossed away the original convertor as I did not bother to buy a EU to AU convertor. Guess I was lucky since back then in 2017 this issues was just starting to be discussed in the forum.

Yeah its funny i never have seen any issues before and its probably been running on the 1amp one for like 3 years.

But all good now :slight_smile: