Rode led-ring en vastlopen de laatste week al meer dan 3 keer

My homey functions “flawlessly” up until the last week (june 2021) I have a "Early 2016""with version 7.0.0.
I haven’t changed anything (added apps of change in z-wave of zigbee components) special in the last few months.
Since this week i have noticed several Red Led-ring alerts with a frozen Homey. Sometimes the alert disappeares spontaneously sometimes I have restarted the Homey (dis- and reconnected the power).

When i check the memory: it is not even half engaged.

What causes the problem and what can I do to remedy it?

Are you using the original Athom power supply that came with Homey? If so, try replacing it with something better (5V, at least 2.1A, preferably from a good brand).

Yes. I am using the original powersupply. I will try another.

It is not that easy to find a powerfull Quality powersupply with a mini usb connector.

Just use a USB-A to mini-USB cable, you can plug those into any regular USB charger. If you happen to have an old iPad charger, those are great.

Robert, You’re right!

I will try.

Did changing the adapter resolve the red ring issue?

Yes, since I changed adapter I haven’t noticed a crash.
Thanks for the sdvice

VanGilles thanks for your advice. It has been 4 weeks now and no crashes have occurred!