Homey goes offline

Out of the blue my Homey goes offline. It was working fine before. I have no items added recently. The ring is flashing red. I have no clou, its been working errorfree as long as I have my homey. . I Think this problem has started after the update to version 7.1.0. Its now on and off intermittently.

What could be the reason and more important, how do I fix it?

Thxs in advance

" Red - Homey could not correctly start. Try the Recovery procedure"

If your Homey is still using its original power supply, I’d suggest replacing it with something better (5V, at least 2.1A).

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HI Robert,
Why would I do this? Does the adapter becomes bad or something? I will follow your advise and give it a try. Any known good working alternative?

Yes, the adapter goes bad, it’s a known issue. Take any good brand USB charger that can deliver enough power (2.1A or more), not a cheap Chinese device (like the one that comes with Homey).

I just added an old 5v 2A adapter, Its been on line since. Will purchase a new one. Is the amperage very important?

Make a ticket at Athom and they will send u a new one.

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This was the solution, thank you very much!
During this proces my Xiaomi Light Sensor has stooped working, the other devices are all working properly.