Homey offline each day

Dear Homey fans,

I am using Homey for about 2 years now. Since 2 weeks Homey is going offline (and does not come back online) at random. Based on some google searches, I replaced the wall plug with another wall plug. However, it keeps going offline. Only when I unplug the Homey and plug it in, it will work for a couple of hours.

What can I do?

Kind regards,

What colour has the led ring? You can tell the status of your Homey.
My homey is often offline for a couple of seconds. When opening the app, saving a flow.

Recently my Homey was showing a rainbow led and was offline. The infamous power adapter thing, apparently. Does the new adapter meet the A and V requirements?

Eventually, make a diag-report when you can reach Homey and send it to Athom.


No light at all. I used the Ipad wall plug instead which meet the requirements.

I will try to create a diagnostic report. Thank you.

No light at all is very troubling, I guess.
I know the Homey comes with the very old miniUSB connector, do you also have an other cable? And maybe another adapter? The rule out that either the cable or the plug is broken.

If that doesn’t help, file a support request with the code of the report (in the mobile app, go to settings, general, make diagnostic report).

Have you checked system load and memory usage? I read Homey will appear offline if it is overloaded. Maybe if there’s a memory leak and memory is rising without falling back. Homey insights may shed light here.

Is it still responding to events when offline, for instance do you have flows triggered by buttons that still work? Is it responding slow or not at all?