Red LED ring and offline


I’ve been away last week and when I came home yesterday, I found homey offline and with the led ring in solid red.

After a few minutes it was online again and the led ring was off. The again maybe an hour later it repeated again.

Any ideas what this is? Can I read out some diagnostics to so what this is or what causes that?


I tried it but the red led ring keeps coming back :slightly_frowning_face:

Hmmmz thats sucks, i guess its better to contact athom support.

Already tried another charger (min 2A) and/or cable?


just to provide an update to the community. It was the PSU. I had actually tried another one and this one was not liked by Homey either. Then the third try was successful. Currently its working fine with an Anker 5 Port PSU. Right now I’m waiting for the replacement from Athom.