Restore backup?

The last couple of days my homey lost the wifi connection and I had to reboot it to get back to work again.

Same this afternoon when I got home, but this time it came back up in setup-mode.
Now when I login I’m greeted with no devices and no flows.

Is there a way to get previous settings back? because I had a lot of config in there.

Have you tried a PTP (pull-the-plug) already? If not then pull the power plug out of Homey, wait for 15 minutes and put it back.

How did you reboot it? Did you hold it upside down and it started counting 10 down to 1?
If so i am afraid you have reset Homey completely and indeed have to set it up from scratch.
If you just powered it off and on, then try @ArnoP 's advice.

I tried the PTP, but now I’m getting something really weird.

When I insert the power plug the following 2 things happen:

  • the led ring turns on white and the color leds star flickering random.
  • the speaker starts to make weird crackling noises.

This looks/sounds more like something is broken on the inside.
Any advise? or should I contact official homey support on this?

Might be a bad power adapter. Do you have another power adapter capable of delivering at least 2A?

It seems that a good number of Homey’s suffer from a “dying” power adapter after some time.

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Have had the same Issue some month ago. It was as @ArnoP wrote a broken Power-Adapter. With a new one all works fine.

It was off for 2 hours last night inititally, to try the PTP.
This morning I replaced the adapter with a 2.0A one from an old tablet.
It booted up just fine, but I’m still missing my config.

Sounds like you’re going to have to start over again :frowning:

Thanks for the help and suggestions. You guys have been really helpful, even if it wasn’t completely the answer I was hoping for.

Can’t believe this sort of thing can happen with a homey. This is something that should have been covered by some sort of feature.
I would have been happy with some sort of recovery process that requires some manual actions, but completely losing all your configuration is simply unacceptable.

I’m resolving it by switching to HomeAssistant and a USB Z-Wave dongle. If I need to reconfigure, I might as well choose a solution that allows me to properly backup things.
The homey will probably be on marktplaats soon.

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