Homey offline/crashed? Power adapter issue?


Since a couple of days my Homey is offline. The led ring is normal spectrum. When i take off the power, its turning white, and after that its breathing red. A minute later its starting again with the spectrum. But i still cannot open my Homey.

So i though maybe is this the issue with the power adapter. Yesterday i recieved the new one, but still the same issue. So i was reading on the internet that i need to reset it.

When i turn it upside down, there is a small hole. When i place a pin in it, it doesnt do nothing. It feels like there is no button to click on it?

Someone else who have the same problems or someone who can help me?

Thanks a lot

Homey 2023 ? The reset pin is slightly lower, you need longer tool…
But this is the reset pin so I hope you have backups.

Which RC version were you on?

And did you use the original or a longer USB cable?

Longer cable = nono

I did and still do use a longer cable with no problems only I don’t use the original powerplug because of the undervoltage issue

Long(er) cable can cause voltage drops, when it works for you, you’re lucky🤗

Where did you read what?

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I have reset on the PC right now, and make another backup from it. Just restored it and i think it will work again with the new adapter. Thanks for help. With the old adapter it crashed again.