Homey (2.0) crashed and turn back to factorysetting.. (everything lost)

Since the last few days, the LED ring of my homey turned red for a few minutes every half an hour or so. At these times Homey was rebooting and not accessible via the app… very strange because I had changed (almost) nothing after to upgrade to V2.0.
This morning Homey was in de initial state, introducing himself and asking to go to setup.athome.com. I desciced to turn off the power for a while. This evening I put Homey back on power and the LED ring was showing a lot of different colors, making a very strange noise and was unaccessible at all and not going to the recovery mode when put Homey upside down.

After that I changed the Original Athom AC-adapter for another one and put the power on. Then Homey went to the initial state, introducing himself and asking to go to setup.athome.com. I followed the instructions, connected to the Wifi, everything ok. But guess what…… All devices, flows and apps where lost:confounded:

Has anybody experience what this disaster? Is there a possibility to get all my data and settings back?

Many thanks in advance

That’s a hard crash :scream: Maybe some of the filestructure can be recovered by Athom? I would send a mail to support@athom.com

Thx, I have just sent an email to athom. Let see what they can do. For now I have to switch all lights manually and use my Phone alarm to wake-up…:roll_eyes:

Hi, I had the same and opened A ticket by Atom. They advised me to change the adapter and that worked.

Ask in the ticket for Bram he knows about this problem and they send you A New adapter.

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My flows lost every crash - but I was lucky and didnt loose devices. As others have said changing the power adapter fixed my issue.

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Hi Rene, Thanks for your reply. We will Bram for a new adapter. Luckily I had an other 2.1A adapter to use for now. so Homey is running again :slight_smile:

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With flows and settings returned?

:+1::+1:Great to hear

@Rocodamelshekima, No unfortenately not… I have to include all device and create all flows again. But now I will see it as a frsh start…:wink:


But wyrd a faulty power source can make this happen aye?

Yeah apparently! Confirmed by Athom, they promised to send me a new adapter! Hopefully a more reliable one…