Slowish Homey (out of the blue)

Hi Everyone,

Our Homey is acting “slowish” lately. I didn’t change anything, but flows are unresponsive which results in lights that don’t turn on/off (zwave of zigbee) etc.

As soon as I open the Homey app to check what is happening it seems as if Homey is restarted … and doesn’t know the device status:

I don’t think it’s actually restarted btw.

Tonight Homey stopped working completely and showing a red ring. Luckily a reboot did the trick, but something is definitely nog going right.

Anyone an idea?

Try a PtP.
If that does not do the trick try a new power supply with at least 5V/2A.

Will do and report back!

The combination of a PTP and new power adapter works. Thanks!

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