HUE bridge offline?

I’ve had my network turned off for a few hours today. When I turn it back on, Homey can’t find my HUE bridges.
All my lamps are with a red triangle. I’ve restarted the hue app, restarted Homey, restarted my network, and added fixed ip to all of them. I can’t get my lamps back in Homey.
I’ve restarted the hue app, restarted Homey, restarted my network, and added fixed ip to all of them. I can’t get my lamps back in Homey.
I hope there is a solution. I have 65 lamps in HUE.

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I have the exact same problem. But I did not turn off anything at all. It suddenly stopped working and cannot find the Hue bridge.

Hope anyone has a solution.


Don’t you have to enter the Hue bridges’ IP address somewhere in the Homey Hue app settings? Can you check if it still matches?

Hi Peter… Again… Again :joy:

No, I can’t see where I can type an IP in the HUE app on Homey.

I’ve no Hue so I can’t help you with that.
Here’s another thread with similar issues

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Totally okay :ok_hand:
I’ve thrown them a ticket describing the problem , it can’t be right that Homey can’t control 2 bridges and about 70 lamps.

Anyone knows what happens when I deinstall the hue app and then reinstall it. Will all my Flows still be there?

I have the same problem - in the DK FB group numerous users report same problem.
ATHOM - you have to fix this NOW!

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Same here… Connection to all 3 of my bridges are offline, but I can control them from the hue app just fine. Seems to be a homey problem. Hope a fix comes before the weekend… This is totally messing up my lights

Hi, I have the same problem. It occured this morning. Yesterday i worked fine. Hope anyone can fix it soon :slight_smile:

Without an update of the Philips Hue app, it magically works again.
I don’t understand how this is possible…

It’s called “home automation dependent on cloud services”.


Works here again - aswell

I thought it was not cloud dependent…
My bad, my worry!

From what I understand, Hue has different discovery methods, one relying on cloud services and one local. The Homey Hue app apparently uses the cloud discovery method.

This happens to me all the time too. I have stopped relying on Homey and Homey bridge to do what it is supposed to. It is a beta product, which makes it understandable, but buying Homey bridge I thought it would at least reliably do some basic light-switching.

Both the Philips Hue bridge, the IKEA Trådfri gateway and directly Zigbee-connected lights are lost constantly in the app.

I think I once read that the Homey bridge beta would end in February 2022, but either I was mistaken, or they missed the deadline. I haven’t heard what the plan is since then.

For anyone thinking of buying Homey bridge to replace bridges and gateways of other systems, I would advice them to think again. Wait and see if it becomes a finished product first and decide then. In addition to make it work, Athom also needs to do a lot of documenting of the Homey bridge. I find it very difficult to obtain almost anything helpful specifically related to Homey bridge on the Homey website.

This is called gossip or with a modern word “influencing”.
Please link to the source.

Athom never publishes roadmaps or future plans.
(It’s not that I am happy with that, but it is what it is).

You are right, I was mistaken. I can’t find where I read it so I shouldn’t fault Athom for that.

Ive had the same problem. Most of the time reinstalling the app (without uninstalling it first) reactivates ikea, Aquara and Hue.

Sometimes i have to reconnect the hue lights individually (or wait a few days and it starts working automatically).

For Homey Bridge.

Has been stable for some days though now - for me.