Restore backup on a new HP, Hue problems


So I went from a 2019 to the 2023 HP! Works like a charm after restoring from a backup.

The only thing I cant get to work is Philips hue. I have a Hue bridge and some lights that wont connect with my new Homey.

I removed the lights from Homey, and reinstalled the Hue app. I tried to add a new device, and opened my newly installed hue app in Homey. Unfortunately it cant find any lights or brigdes at all.

How to I get the new Homey to speak to my hue setup again? I really want to keep using my scenes and current setup.

Sorry if this a known issue. I could find any relevant info for this particular problem.

If it can’t find the bridge at all there might be a networking issue, like Homey and the Hue bridge not being in the same network segment/VLAN.

Thanks for answering!

I’m just not sure how this is supposed to be done. I don’t get any options to log in to my Hue account in the Hue/Homey app. Any idea how to just reset the Hue connection and add the whole thing from the start?


Since Homey support offer a three week response time, I was hoping that someone could help me understand the issue and how it was solved in this thread:

Thanks in advance!