Migrating from Hue bridge V1 (round one) direct to Homey by Philips Hue ZigBee app

I ame reading about resetting the bulps and reconnect them directly to Homey.
It is not working for me, i dont have a remote control.

What i dit is open the Hue app on my phone, got to lamp configuration, select a lamp and say, Remove.
The lap is removed in de Hue app.

Now go to Homey, there i installed the Philips Hue ZigBee app. Open devices and tried to add a new device. Chooze the Hue bulb A19, clik install and power up the lanp. Now nothing happens.

Theb i tried it wit the generic Homet Zigbee device, also nothing.

Now it stops, is the lamp realy resetted or just removed from the Hue bridge? Wat need to be dont to connect directly to homey? I dont have a remote control.



By using a borrowd hue dimmer switch.
Press 10 seconds on and off at once.
The bulb resets and you can pair it with homey.