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Howto reset hue lamp with homey?

I am using the Hue zigbee app to control my Hue lights. So not using a bridge, do not have a bridge.

One of my Hue lamps has stopped working.
I tried reconnecting it, by adding it. But the app does not see the lamp. Probably because the lamp itself is still assigned to homey.

Instructions in the app state I need to reset my lamp first, but how do I do that?
Google only shows methods with a bridge or a remote. I own neither (I have homey!)

Any solutions?
(It feels pretty clumsy to find somebody who owns a bridge, homey should be self-supporting)

Did you remove it from homey? Zigbee --> remove device

For reseting you indeed need a switch or the bridge

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No, did think about it.
But the lamp itself “thinks” its connected to a system, so it will probably not connect even if I remove it.

And if I remove it I need to add it to all flows again.
And I have a lot of flows with this light in. :frowning:
So I’m hoping for a soltution that requires less work…

If you restet your lamp, your probbely als need to do that

Every hue lamp has its own unique ID.
I’m hoping when I reset my lamp an reconnect it. It will be recognized under the same ID and be usable again.

But hopes are small because if I do not delete the device there is already a device with the same ID…

Have not been able to fix the issue.
So decided to remove the device. Since it was not connected anymore that took some steps, but worked nicely.

After that I could add the lamp again :slightly_smiling_face:
But had to repair all broken flows :cry:, luckily I saved my flows to a pdf so I could easily find the hue settings.

Case closed

So to reset a Hue bulb u need the bridge or a remote. Homey cannot do this by herself.
Gonna close this topic as it seems to be solved. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me or another moderator.