Philips hue no connection after homey restore

Hope someone has an idea. I’ve done a restore of homey. Kept all userdata. After restore none of my Hue stuff connects anymore. All show triangle with exclamation mark.

Homey SW version: Homey v5-RC47
App version: Philips Hue v4.5.2
Problem experienced: *
Not able to reach all hue stuff, Go, lamps, lights trip, sensor, etc. No connection to bridge
Steps taken
App restart. Homey restart, homey ptp 10 min, add lamp to bridge and tried to add to homey (app says no new lights found)…nothing seems to help. Some of the lights and hue sensor do not have exclamation mark but also do nothing

Did you try to remove the hue app an reinstall it?

Yes just did and now all hue items are gone and I’m not able to add any new ones

Strange, the hue bridge is found when you did install the APP?

maybe it helps to install the test app?
Hue test

What was the reason for your restore?
Was it related to a power out?

Can it be that you bridge received a new IP address? In that case homey will not find it.
(But it should be solved reinstalling the app and connecting the bridge again)

Thanks for thinking along. No power outige, other reason for restore (ZigBee and 5.0.0 rc47 issue, nothing to do with this issue). I’ve installed the test app, but same issue. Where do I connect the bridge and Hue. Even though I’ve reinstalled the app there is never a question to connect the bridge?? Don’t see it in the App itself. It’s been a while since having done this in the past

Open homey app…open device…click + and scroll for hue bridge…

I’m just not seeing or getting it, sorry. Veel little noobish here :wink: Is it in the Hue app?

Open devices. Add a random Hue device (one you don’t have). Let it fail. Other devices should be back.

Yeah that’s what I thought. Not seeing the bridge there…

I’ve done the adding thing many times, nothing happens. Hue items are not coming back

Try to restore again (maybe other day)
I had a comparable issue after power outage. (So not after a restore)
Tried all komd of things nothing helped.
In the end restored a backup of days before and everything worked tpright away.

PS: be aware that backups are removed when there are 5 backups. Make sure to keep that backup of when everything was working available by removing a few backups every other day

in this case, you are not seeing it because it is already added. I do not understand why it is not working.
Did you try rebooting the bridge and after that press the button on the bridge?

Also nothing. I’m going to restore to previous backup I think. Maybe even going back no non experimental. To much issues.Thanks for the help all.

Hi there. I experience the exact same problems. I can add all the bulbs and strips as Zigbee (so this is then independent of the bridge, you have to delete them in the Hue-app!!) but the remotes not. Using the HUE app simply displays that there are no new devices. Deleted the app, in Homey as well as on my phone, resented the bridge, etc etc. Nothing helped. Restoring to an older version of the backup means that I loose my Hue lights again! There must be a reason why there seems to be no connection with the HUE bridge… Anyone a solution??

Thanks upfront, Michel

Hello, the bridge has been working like a charm for the past 18 moths. This afternoon it has decided to stop. I am facing the exact same issue… did anyone find a solution? This has happened after a power outage.

Maybe the hue bridge receveid a different IP when your network came back to life

I can confirm that mine hasn’t. It is configured with a static IP and Homey has a DHCP bound IP

I only use DHCP bound IP’s, I shouldn’t enter static IP to devices themselves, while maybe an other device now has received the same IP as your Hue bridge.

Nope… because my DHCP server starts allocating IP addresses from .11 and this one has .7 :slight_smile: