Suddenly connection with Hue Bridge gone

I know that the support of the old Philips Hue bridge stops working in june 2020, i did not expect that this would have influence on the connection with Homey. Does anybody have same issue that all Hue devices aren’t available anymore in Homey?
Is see the message: Zoeken naar de Hue Bridge… (Searching for Hue Bridge…).

Didn’t do anything, it just stopped working yesterday (26-06-2020).

Yes, of course it does. Since all of the connection and devices are managed through the bridge. Best course of action would be to pair the Hue lamps with Homey directly or, even better, install a new Hue bridge.

Had exactly the same issue yesterday with my v2 briddge.
It thought it was caused by a power out.
What worked for me was restore a backup of 5. Days agoo

Ps: tip I got (but wasnt the issue for me). Check if your hue for some reason got a new IP adress. That would cause ho ey to look at the wrong IP