Support for Hue bridge version 1 gone?

Hi all.
I still own the first generation Hue Bridge (the round / circular one). Since today or so my homey can’t connect to this bridge anymore.
I know that Philips (Signify) is putting some restrictions to this bridge since recently. Could this cause my issue?
Anyone else has it too?

I was about to open a topic for the same subject. I have a bridge v1 as well and since yesterday it stopped working and I cannot reconnect anymore. My Hue app on my phone still works though, but only locally. Philips has dropped the cloud support for V1, but since Homey lives on my local network, I would say it could still work. So I’m wondering if there is any official statement about this.

Not a hue user here but as far as I am aware, the hue bridge app uses the cloud api. I recently added command delays option to one of my apps for people sending profiles for apps like hue. Well, for apps not handling cloud command quotas properly anyways. I would assume the hue app handles it correctly however.
Bla aside. Correct me if am wrong but the hue bridge app uses the cloud api to control the hue devices.

Who created the Hue app and is able to say something conclusive about this?
It would be a bummer if we are forced to buy a new hue bridge and recreate all flows (in my case a lot!)

Ah thx! Let’s all submit a ticket, so it’ll be high on their priority list.

Same problem here, i had to do a reset of homey and now i can install the app but no sync with the hue hub.
No question from the app to insert anything from a philips hub. Before the reinstall 1 week ago no problems.
Versions : Homey v1 and philips hub v1

Kind regards, kevin

Couldnt wait any longer.
I had a square v2 bridge (at my office) which I have taken home, and migrated everything to it from the v1 bridge. The reconnected all the flows and - fingers crossed - I have my lights all back in homey. Yes, that was quite some work. Whole Saturday evening down the drain.

Will take the v1 bridge to my office instead, b/c there’s no homey there after all.

Hello JonE , so the new bridge V2 is working with homey?

I find it funny that v1 has been made obsolete, as there hardware internally is identical, the only difference was an extra chip inside for homekit support, as back then an extra chip was mandatory.

@Straffegast the v2 hub is only a few months younger then v1 hub, so “new” is relative as v2 is already several years old (and yes is supported by Homey)

Yes. Totally.