Philips Hue temporarily unavailble

I have this a week old Homey Bridge. Recently I got this message in my Homey app. When I go to more - apps - Philips Hue v 5.5.4 I get an message that says “This app has unexpectedly stopped”. By clicking this message I get a more detailed error message saying " Contact the Developer" " You may contact the developer of this app to resolve the issue", “Stack Trace - App is temporarily unavaileble, it will be back shortly” Then I’m able reinstall or update the Philips HUE v. 5.5.4 app via the link " view in Homey App Store" and after that everything works fine for some minutes. Some times its only working for few minutes and other times +10 minutes. But never hours. Couldn’t find anything else related to this specific error message.

Welcome, Jacob.
What did you find on the forum about this?
There’s enough Hue related.
While there’s 3 Hue apps, and 2 types of Homey… I can’t do much with your little info.

As that app is developed by Athom and it’s on Homey then you will need to contact Athom to get support.


I have similar problems too since today. No error message in the app but all my Hue devices have an error. I have a v2 bridge. I restarted the bridge but that doesn’t work. I can use the Philips Hue app on my phone without any problems so the bridge is working.

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Hi Henry, My Homey Bridge and App was working fine this morning. It seems like there has been some kind of software issue since yesterday without any notice.

Video link

Somehow the problem seems to have resolved itself. I have no clue what could have changed. But i’m glad everything works again! :grinning:

For the last two weeks now the Philips Hue has not been working twice. Same fault message in Homey App. Kind of fustration now.

Same here again today and a week ago.