Philips hue - broken on 5.5.8 update

Philips Hue just updated to 5.5.8, and now no lights work. Anyone else experiencing this?


Yes , same , got a notification it updated the Philips hue app and boom no connection with the bridge from homey. Restarting app is not resolving it. I’m now trying to reboot both the bridge and homey .


I rebooted both bridge and homey without success. Bridge works fine alone.


I got the same since the update 30 minutes ago

Same here… but I think my issue was beginning an hour before the latest update… It looks like the whole bridge is disapeared, when I try to add a device, it looks like the middle step to select the bridge is skipped.

Here as well. All hue devices are gone… hue itself works fine. Is it possible to go back to the previous version?

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Nope, and dont try an reinstall of the app… Because you will need to repair all flows…

I have a lot of Hue devices and even more flows… so when a repair job is needed I will go screammmmmm!!


Same. Why on earth is this possible. Athom Such an amateuristic company


Same here…

I have home assistant running as well in test… some apps on homey do not work well… not sure if i am going to continue with homey. This does not help…

Not resolved by rebooting homey and hue bridge , items/devices still exist but with an exclamation mark

Aaaah no don’t think like that…

It could be everything… Philips could have limit the API integrations, a bug in app, bug in Hue app etc etc…

Lets first find out what is causing this issue, after that we have enough time to throw tomato’s to Athom :wink: :wink: :heart:

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@denniedegroot can you shine your light over this issue…

Hue is an important app for many!

Same here. All Hue devices unreachable.

Same shit here as well…. 20min ago hue udated to version 5.5.8 all connections with hue are lost…

Here also hue is not working after update. But solution ?

I have the same problem. Seems identical to last Friday when the same happened…

Why??? Can’t they do some beta tests before update the app?
Same problem here. :rage:


Is it possible to uninstall the update?

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@Emile Can you do something? Maybe give the Athom developer an headsup?