Zigbee odd route - leeds to unresponsive devices

Hi all,

I add 2 smart plugs from Aqara. They work fine.

But after that, it seems like many of my other ZigBee devices not responding.
If I remove them and add them again it seems to work. But that’s not a solution.

If I go in, I can see that many of my devices seem to use the new smart plugs for routing.
That does not make any sense. Most of them are in the same room as the Homey, but the Smart plugs are located on another floor, under the bed.

I know the plugs have poor coverage (slow to respond) but they work.
So is there any way I can make homey don’t use them as a route?

I’m pretty sure that’s why my other sensors are misbehaving.

You cannot control how Zigbee devices route their messages, they will find out on their own. It could be that the plugs have stronger radios than Homey, so the sensors “prefer” them instead of using Homey directly.

So how can I fix the issue?

Buy other smart plugs :woozy_face:

But more seriously: there’s not much you can do. You can’t force Zigbee devices to not use a particular router, so if you have problematic router devices pretty much the only thing you can do is either not use them, or try and see if removing and re-pairing the sensor devices will fix your problems. For Zigbee, make sure that you pair sensor devices close to, or on, their final location (so don’t pair them close to Homey and move them to their final location afterwards).

Should’nt my Hue light be used as a “router”. and why are they not on the list I sent?

Is it connected to a Hue hub or directly to Homey?
You only see it in the Homey Zigbee network if it is a part of Homey’s Zigbee network.
A Hue hub has it’s own Zigbee network and that network is not connected to Homey in any way.

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It’s connected to the Hub, that’s maybe why.

Could I might get better coverage if I buy; TRÅDFRI Signal repeater - IKEA

Yes, that’s exactly why: the Hue hub creates its own Zigbee network, completely separate from Homey’s Zigbee network.

You can try and add the IKEA repeaters, they work quite well in my experience.

What is best practise to have the Hue Hub, or to leave it to Homey?

Is the Zigbee network automatically done?

Lets say I remove the devices, and re-join them when the smart plugs are out of reach, would they then after som time create a new route?

Yes, Zigbee routing is dynamic, pairing a device with the smart plugs out of reach will not prevent devices from using them when they become reachable again.

My experience with Ikea repeat is that they are not good

Without context or any other explanation what goes wrong that remark is not very useful. :innocent:

I have set up 4 pcs to extend the surface that zigbee should be enough. I have osram and Lidl plug that sit further away and it meshes through them to Ikea repeter.

So the Ikea repeater do work, or not? Or is it only the route that looks strange to you?
Every device that is capable of repeating/routing (and that includes plugs) can be used by end devices. So it is not strange if they are used like that.
Does everything work as it should? No delays or not responding devices?

No, the zigbee network is not working properly! It works whenever you want. That’s why I bought these ikea repeats as it was written well for a while. But they do not help a shit!
Everything worked fine until update 5.0.4

Well, since you obviously just want to complain instead of give constructive input so we might be of help, good luck with it. Hope it will solve itself magically.

What is “it” (“it meshes through them”)? You’re not being very clear on what your actual problem is.

My language is not English, I am bad at writing English.
Problem I write here is that Ikea repeater is not so good at what it should be! Read that type Ikea repeter is a “God’s gift” to get long range on zigbee nets. I have cheap plugs from Lidl and osram that do a better job! You can also use the plug, you can not directly from Ikea repeater only to power any USB device.
Zigbee has not worked very well on Homey, until I start running version 5 rc. Then the zigbee network will work great! Until update 5.0.4. After that update, it has worked worse than before 5rc. Control the devices whenever Homey wants. Poorer range.
Has units 2-3 meters from Homey without walls in between. Turns on sometimes sometimes not the same when to turn it off. Same with units further away. But more understandable.
Don’t know if I wrote more comprehensibly using Google translate?