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Zigbee mesh

I am having issues with 2 zigbee lights (INNR). These are in the kitchen and cannot connect directly to Homey from there. They only work if I put an INNR plug (SP 120) into a socket between the Homey and these lights.
My wifi router is between the lights and Homey. Could this be the reason?

Is there any other device that I could use to repeat the Zigbee signal? I intend to have more lights in that part of the house or should I just run it through that plug?

main powerd devices act as routers, battery powerd devices are only end users

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I know that, thanks


In Europe, the Zigbee protocol operates on both the 2.4GHz and 868MHz so your Wifi router COULD interfere with it’s protocol, depending if your devices use the 2.4GHz or the 868MHz frequency. (Check the product specifications). Also: Homey’s antennas don’t really have a great range, so maybe that’s the limiting factor in your case.

In principle, the more devices you will add, the more robust the Zigbee network will become, as the protocol is self-detecting and self-healing. Any powered properly designed Zigbee device should be able to route a fairly large amount (100+) of other devices, so unless you have a HUGE amount of bulbs in your house that have to route through one other device, this shouldn’t really pose an issue.

Also. There is no real downside to the signal being routed through another devices. It’s how the Zigbee protocol is designed.

Just a little extra information to the first paragraph, even though zigbee also has 868 Mhz band (not supported in homey currently), 99% (if not more) of the devices use the 2.4ghz frequency.

I wasn’t aware of that :slight_smile: Thanks

Are INNR lights (or ikea) part of the Hue Zigbee mesh or do they connect only with the Hue bridge (and each other)? I have several Hue lights and added some INNR, the INNR’s are close a Hue strip but are not connecting, they connect when I move the Hue bridge closer.

When added to the Hue bridge they won’t connect to the Hue zigbee mesh and vice versa.