Cant add zigbee devices


I have a homey and deco m9 plus and hue bridge. For me it is unable to connect the philips lily spot outdoor. something is interference the zigbee signal. I have send the homey to homey itself and they can make with different devices access to zigbee. does anyone know if the deco m9 plus can influence the zigbee signal ?
What can I else check or do?


Zigbee & WiFi & Bluetooth

These protocols use the same frequency ranges and can interfere with each other.
The WiFi and zigbee channel numbers do not match, so it is important to pay attention to which channel numbers you use.
The WiFi signal is much stronger than zigbee.
If Bluetooth reception is very poor, you can try changing your WiFi channel.

Also make sure your Hue zigbee channel is different from Homey zigbee.
Both should not be interfered by your 2,4GHz Wifi frequencies.
Hue zigbee channel is quite easy to change, but make sure all hue bridge paired devices are switched on

Zigbee network and channel no info:

Zigbee & WiFi interference check:


Wi-Fi tips:

Athom zigbee advice:

Athom recommends using no more than 35-40 Zigbee devices. More is possible, but the network becomes more viscous and devices can fail or function less reliably.

(Aqara) lost connection:

thx will try

when I want to add zigbee device, in the homey developer it is saying add_node and the app is saying:
plug in or toggle the unit to start pairing (lamp is burning)
if pairing does not automatically start you probably need to reset the unit with a remote or hue bridge. but the bridge does also not find the lamp.

I do not know what I can do else. it has worked :frowning:

If it’s a Hue device:

yes but lamp can’t be found via hue bridge and not via homey also not with s/n 7EB4A4

I too have a Homey an m9 Deco and a hue bridge.
They are all working together without problems.
But maybe you should check out your network channels.
Both your Deco m9 and Homey have a zigbee network and therefor use a channel.
Together with your network channel makes three.
So make sure that none of them is in the way of another.
Btw, Homey does not work well with the 5 Ghz on when adding devices.
You might try adding while your 5Ghz is off.

Good luck.

Bit i can’t check the Channels from the deco. Good to hear that it is working by you😁i have no idea antireligieuze what i can do, Chanel homey is different from hue bridge

Deco wifi shut off 5 GHz, WiFi experiabox is off. Different Channel homey and hue bridge. Not able to add A device smart plug Philips. No idea what i can do ?

Grt guido

Whom can help me ? homey z-wave is working, zigbee not able to add devices. We have a antenna 5g on 500 meters from our home is it possible that that gives interference ?

No I don’t think a 5G GSM pole interferes with zigbee, 2,1GHz is closest to 2,4GHz

But, I posted all you can do in relation to zigbee (as far as I know), 8 posts up:


Strange is that it had been woelde.