Philips hue outdoor motion sensor - adding to homey pro


i am new to Homey and i recently got my Homey Pro (23). I am struggling with adding some devices i thought that would work with Homey Pro perfectly. In particular Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor.

I have tried adding this device via Phillips Hue app but without success (it probably works only for standard indoor motion sensor? Idk).

I have also tried adding it via add Philips Hue, without the bridge but all i have achieved is adding it as unknown zigbee device which is completely useless.

I have searched for a solution on this forum, but havent found one.

Btw i even bought Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 to make it work but it made no difference.

Could please help me? Thanks a lot.

For all devices that you want to connect to Homey, the following applies:

  • Check the app page to see if the device is mentioned. If not, and there isn’t a “generic” device, it’s likely not supported by Homey.
  • When you add a Zigbee device and you get the message it’s been added as a generic/unknown Zigbee device, it means there wasn’t an app available to support the device. Homey has generic Zigbee support, but it’s very limited (only lights and sockets, I think)
  • Check if there’s a test version of a particular app available. You can do that by navigating to the app’s store page and add test to the URL. For instance, there’s a test version available for the “Hue, without the bridge” app that mentions a few outdoor sensors: Philips Hue, without the bridge | Homey
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I have the Hue Outdoor motion sensor and have them connected now directly with HP2023 and the ”without hub” app. Now it could be possible, that there is a new hardware version of the sensor and indeed is not recognized with the app.

As for the Philips Hue app, you do need the Hue hub, pair the motion sensors to the hub, and only then try to pair the motion sensor. Outdoor sensor does work this way also.

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In addition, the manufacturer of smart home devices change sometimes the inner hardware of devices but not the case, so it looks similar to the “older” ones.
If they change the inner hardware they also change (sometimes) the so called Zigbee Device ID. And if this “new” device with the new Zigbee Device ID isn’t implemented in the code of the app, it doesn’t matter if it’s the Philips Hue or the Philips Hue, without the bridge app, then it will only recognized as “generic” device and is more or less useless.

But it seems, that a/the new Motion Sensor is already implemented in the test version of the Philips Hue, without the bridge app. The stable version is the v2.0.35.

So please install the test version and try it again.

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Thank you very much! All of you!

The key was to install the test version of the app. I didnt know that there are multiple version of the same app that i can install. This is a whole new field of possibilities for me. Next time i have trouble adding device, that should work, i will look for an experimental version of app.

So thanks again for the wisdom and have nice weekend. :slight_smile:


I have installed the test version of the app. The sensor can be installed but connection is interrupted after a day or two.

Any suggestions?

One suggestion is to add more routers, seems like it is a weak signal issue.

I don’t think so. Several users are reporting exactly this kind of failure (including myself) with this Hue Motion sensor (Indoor or Outdoor models). There is already a ticket raised in the developers Github section. My sensor has about 3 Meters distance to Homey Pro and disappears every 2-3 days.

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My outdoor motion sensor SML004 is also connected to the ‘without the bridge app’, it works fine for a few days then stops reporting.

It will start reporting again when motion is detected, tried the test version and I get a timeout error on it.

The stable version works best but both mean the device is only works 70% of the time.

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