Philips Outdoor sensor in Homey zonder Hue bridge

The Philips Hue Outdoor sensor connected direct on Homey Pro with the Hue Zigbee App. I don’t have the philips Hue bridge because homey should connect directly to Ikea / Hue / Xiaomi and other brands.

Connection went ok but:

No way to adjust sensitivity or switch moments
No connection between homey and sensor for actual lux or temperature signing.
Switch keeps in On mode and stays on in tile on app.

@Sebastian_Johansson can you help me?
Does the app work correctly?

Any tips or other apps to use?

Thanks. @RoyWissenburg!
I did restart Homey Pro and several app restarts and it worked like 5 min correctly.

Now movement allert stays on and lux and temp don’t update at all.

Can you tell me how to connect direct and not true other Zigbee devices. I want to put the sensor outside so might be out of reach of Homey. But let’s start with direct connection. While testing the sensor is in the room where the Homey is so connection should be no problem.

Thanks @RoyWissenburg
Maybe the developer @Sebastian_Johansson can help.

There’re several (closed) issues on the app github. The connectivity issues are due to Homey zigbee core (dis)function and will only be solved by zigbee rewrite. What you maybe can do is to raise the minimal update interval to 10s (in the advanced settings). Some users obviously made it working a bit longer that way.

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Hi, as rindler writes I have already had alot of reports that the sensors don´t work.

I have had some of the following reports:

  1. Will not work at all
  2. Stops working after some time
  3. Works perfectly

Since the is not alot of logic right now for the sensors I cannot imagine that there is something that i can fix in the app. I am relying mainly on Athoms ZigBee implementation, that is right now being rewritten from scratch since they were using a third party lib that was not maintained any longer.

If the outdoor sensor cannot be added. Please send me the information seen in properties for the device when added as a generic ZigBee device.

Since Philips removed their device ID list, since they no longer could maintain it, I have had a hard time figuring out some of the ID:s and need your help to add and test.

Hope this gives you some clarity…

These are the items of the sensor. I can add this to. homey but will work only good for 5 min.
Than movement goes on and stays on.

Maybe you have an idea @Sebastian_Johansson

Hi Sebastian! I red many posts on the forum (all I could find actually…), and nobody has a hue Outdoor Sensor that works properly without a hue bridge. But people doesn’t buy Homey to use bridges! If people absolutely need a hue bridge to use the Outdoor Sensor correctly, the Outdoor Sensor should never be in the compatible devices in your app. I bought the hue outdoor sensor based on the fact that it was in the compatible devices of the app and I don’t have the bridge. As all other users that don’t have the bridge, the Outdoor Sensor stops working after several minutes (it’s what you find on the forum). My motion sensor is useless and I don’t know what to do.

Also the indoor hue motion sensor never works for me?!

I have added the outdoor sensor according to the documentation and the information i have gotten from users. There might be some chance that I will aquire an outdoor motion sensor and have a go testing it by myself.

I hope you understand that I am adding the devices on request from users and based on the information I am given. There is also a list with tested and untested devices. The tested devices are the ones I have gotten reports on that are working and some I have tested myself.

I hope you understand that I cannot go and buy all the devices put out by Philips.


I think you were trying to say “Thank you @Sebastian_Johansson for developing the Philips Hue Zigbee app when Athom has the lack of interest in that. I’t also shame that Athom don’t rewrite the zigbee driver so that your app would also work with the outdoor motion sensor properly when routed through other zigbee devices”

My point is that don’t blame on the community developers something that Athom is not doing. We don’t have enough willingfull developers to loose them.


The Great Zigbee Rewrite is a Schrödinger project: it both happened and didn’t happen at the same time. Only when we’re allowed to take a look at it will the actual state be known, until then everyone is right.

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I think we’re all trying to do our best for Homey. I’m not a developer but I try to help as many people as possible on the forum and I’ve done some translation work for apps. I just wanted to say that a Philips Hue device that is not compatible with Homey without a bridge should not be in the Philips Hue ZigBee app compatible devices.

Does someone have an update about the Oudoor Sensor after the update of the Homey? It will not work at my place. Even after removing and reconnect them…

Closing this topic as there is 1. a new developer, 2. a new Zigbee Stack, 3. already a very well used topic for Hue Zigbee that Roy link above.

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