Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor does not show Temperature in Homey app

I have 2 Hue Outdoor sensors. When I installed the first one about 1 year ago, everything was working well. Now that I installed a second Hue Outdoor sensor, the motion part is working as expected, but I do not see the temperature and luminance values on the device.
When looking in the develop tools of Homey (Homey Developer Tools), I see the following:

  • measure_temperature = null
  • measure_luminance = null

I have tried the following:

  • removing the sensor from Homey and adding it again.
  • Removing the sensor from the Hue app and adding it again

I have checked in the Hue app (through the Hue Lab) and there I can see that the sensor is passing on a value for the temperature as well as for the luminance, so I guess there is nothing wrong with the sensor.

Any ideas?

Kind regards

Take the beta app:,-without-the-bridge/test/

But I have 2 Hue bridges where my (approximately) 100 lights and accessories are attached on. Would it really make sense to go through a beta app without the Hue bridges?
And why is one of the outdoor sensors showing the temperature and luminance, but the other one not?
This seems strange to me.

In this case it makes of course no sense to use the Philips Hue, without the bridge app.
So my suggestion is to contact Athom.

Thank you. I will reach out to them.

I know philips has updated their motion sensors.
(It was mentioned at several posts in the forum too)

That update might affect what it shows. (In the beginning they could not pair at all)

Search for “hue motion outdoor” and sort on “latest”

If I rember well there was also some kind of fix by interviewing the sensor via the developers page

Thank you FKey.
I have contacted Athom and they have replied that it is a known issue they hope to fix in the next release of the Hue App. At this moment, I am able to use the motion sensor and I will figure out a way to find the temperature using another temperature sensor I have in my garden, so no harm done.
Thank you all for your support. This is very much appreciated.

I have the exact same problem, and my other Hue sensor (that one is the indoor version) works fine. Also the Hue sync box is irresponsive 100% of the time on Homey.

Same thing here. Indoor works fine. Outdoor only registers movement. Whilst in the Apple HomeKit temp, movement and illuminance is shown?

It is irritating because now I cannot create a flow which sets the brightness of outside lights according the lux values.

Hope for a solution in naar future.

Hi all,
It seems to be solved now, the Hue Outdoor sensors are reporting temperature, motion and luminance. It has most probably been fixed by the Athom development team.

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