New Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor not showing up in Homey?

Hi - I’ve had my Homey for 2 years running perfect. From the beginning I’ve had 2 Philips Hue bridges connected with eg 3 Hue Outdoor Motion sensors. Yesterday i added a new one to one of my Hue bridges - working just fine👍 But when i try to add i to Homey via “+” and chooses the right bridge - Homey can’t see any devices?
I have tried to restart the Hue app - what to do?

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Same issue for me yesterday. Have made a support ticket and also a post in the app forum:

Same issue here, hue outdoor sensor adder to hue bridge, bus can 't be seen by homey pro. Would love some light on this!

Hi Nitramevo and EVegt– yes, it’s a fact the problem exists. Originally I also made a ticket with both Homey (and iConnecthue as I also use their service).

  • iConnecthue did the fix in 2 days
  • Homey said they would consider fixing it in the future if they had ressources

Come onnnnnnn Homey…

I created as well a ticket for homey some weeks ago.

Good experience: i got a very fast reply - many thanks
Bad experience: they told me it will take some time to add the new PH outdoor motion sensor and this was 21 days ago.

I expected this will take a few days but after three weeks still no improvement or implementation so I am somewhat disappointed that it takes so long to be able to use a very broad established device and brand at all. If it was about something more exceptional or any niche product I could understand but for maybe the number one brand in home automation from a global distribution perspective I had expected faster support, honestly

Could’nt agree more - supporting PH is fundamental…

Here’s the answer I got from support:

Thank you for reaching out and submitting your request! We mainly focus on the development of Homey itself. Although we originally have created the Homey app for this brand, we have only limited resources to add new devices, so the best way to realize the implementation of new devices is to get in contact with Philips Hue directly.

Not what I hoped for…

The Hue app is created and maintained by Athom, at least according to the app’s page. So it’s a bit strange that support is passing the buck to Signify/Philips Hue.

I totally agree. It’s a bit strange they want me to contact Philips. Like Philips would listen to me…

Apparently, Athom realised that they’re responsible for the app and added support for the sensor in v5.5.5:

Currently available in the test version of the app: Philips Hue | Homey

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Hi Robert - at least it’s good news they realised they are responsible for their own Hue app, which - I guess - after all is pretty central in many users setup :grinning:
My app is 5.5.4 - how can I get the upgrade?

Follow the link in my post.

Thanks - now I have it installed👍 But - Homey - back to work: It still can’t see the new sensors😉

Same here.

Ditto :face_with_monocle: