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Supported devices

  • Philips Hue Lights
  • Philips Hue Dimmer Switch
  • Philips Hue Tap
  • Philips Hue Motion Sensor

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Philips Hue App - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need the Philips Hue Bridge to use this app in combination with Homey?
    = Yes

To be updated (reserved)

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I’m using two Innr SP 120. These are connect via the Philips Hue app and are working perfectly. But when i’m adding al my lights in Homey these two won’t show up. I want best of both worlds: Connected in the official Philips Hue app and added in Homey with the Athom Philips Hue app. Is this possible?

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I have connected a IKEA Trådfri RGB lamp to my philips hue bridge, i can dim it but not change colors in the homey app.

i would need this since my girlfriend cant use the homey app.

Got an Osram Smart+ plug. Seen in Hue android app as on/off device. I hoped it would be possible to add device with Homey Hue app, but it is not detected :frowning:

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i recently bought the Philips Hue outdoor lightstrip. Unfortunately Hue app do not recognise it and the device is found as “unknown zigbee device”. The found device only allows on and off, no dimming or colour change.

Grateful if the app can be updated to support this new Hue device. (or point me in some direction how to solve it). Thanks!

How do i activate a routine like ‘Gaan slapen’ using Homey?

Is it possible to integrate the new Friends of Hue Switches!? I have now 3 Switches from Vimar, italy. Looks so niceIMG_20181220_114159

+1 on this one.

I experiment a lot in Homey 2.0, so my wife decided to stick to the Hue Essentials app. She loves to have both lamps and wall plugs in Hue Essential. The drawback is, as you mention, that SP120 plugs aren’t visible in Homey. Would be fantastic if someone could develop a pull request for this plug. :slight_smile:

The only workaround I found is to add plugs into scenes, and have Homey set Hue -scenes.

So, I’m trying to set a scene… But it’s not really possible.

Can this please be fixed?


with version 3.0.11 (beta at the moment) there is support for the new outdoor motion sensor! :muscle:


I am also looking to do this as I have a few Friends of Hue switches in my house that I want to have set up in Homey devices.

Is it possible? Perhaps they can be manually paired as Zigbee devices?

All devices included in the hue bridge can be controlled with homey by the philips hue app for homey!

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I am not able to see “Friends of Hue” switches in the list of devices. So this is not true. I see the Hue dimmer switches, but not other ones.

Ah sorry, right. My fault! I just realized


Where did you buy Vimar products. The only Vimar product I can find i Norway is the Plana switch. But I’m looking for frames for 2 or more devices and other Vimar products like an ordinary light switch and power outlet as shown in your picture.

@Orjan_Solbakken i have buy my Friends of Hue Switch by Vimar in Germany (Hamburg) maybe you can call to Hamburg and then they can send you all your prefered Things. They can send all parts seperatly, but think about the Plana Series, the Eikon Evo Switches may much more stylish:) when you have questions please PN me

Is it possible to connect more than one hue bridge to homey?
And the second question, how long is the polling interval an can this be adjusted manually?

I did it! But no results?!

I also use different key words, but no results!
I only can read that there is a polling, but didn’t find anything regarding the the polling interval (how long and adjustable or not).
If you know the answer, please share you knowledge.