Philips Hue switch in App with Brigde

Hi there, can anyone tell me why I don’t see HUE Switches when I connect Philips HUE App in my Homey Bridge? I see al other devices such as lights bulps en powerplugs, but I dont see the HUE Switches… Is that because it’s still in Beta??

Hi, for me it worked to add the switch as a “tap”
Maybe it depends on the type of switch, but you can give it a try!

The Tap isn’t supported by the Cloud version of the Hue app, it only supports lights and power plugs.

@TimTheToolman the reason is that switches are input devices, which require polling (the app needs to actively “ask” the Hue hub, through its API, if a switch has been pressed). This takes up a lot of bandwidth (historically, the Hue app has been known to cause massive amounts of data transfers on “regular” Homey’s) and I guess Athom doesn’t want to be paying for that.

Additional, by hitting the “Homey bèta” button, you’ll get to see which devices are available at this point in time.

Sorry, missed the word “bridge” in the first post :joy:

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:wink::crazy_face: you’re not the first, and certainly not the last :upside_down_face:

Hi all. This is my first post in this community.

One question related to this topic: Is it also not possible to connect a Hue Switch directly to Homey via the Homey bridge. So not using the Hue bridge in between?

Hi Bernard,
Maybe, maybe it works while adding it as ‘Homey general zigbee device’… but I doubt it.
No, you’ll need the app “Hue without the bridge”, and it is not available for Homey bridge. It’s unknown if it ever will be.

Oke thanx @Peter_Kawa, I will try the general zigbee. And otherwise I will keep them connected to the Hue Bridge. For the switches this is no problem, but I would like to use the Hue Motion Sensors to trigger some other flows.

YW, Bernard.
Unfortunately, only Hue lamp and socket is supported @ Homey cloud; I posted this a bit earlier in this thread: