Hue Tap with wheel


I dont know if this question has been already answered but i can’t add my new hue tab with wheel, or at least i cant find it in new device section.


I guess you use the Philips Hue, without the bridge app, right?

If the Hue Tap Switch is not listed in the device overview, then it’s not supported yet. Easy thing.

Btw, please use the app related thread. There you can find more information about devices and problems, and, if needed, make a device request, or on GitHub.

im using hue app with the bridge, i have hue bridge at home.

Ok, for the Philips Hue app there is no related thread.

But according supported devices it’s the same. When it’s not listed, then it’s not supported yet.
And as you can see in the supported devices overview in the app store, the Hue tap with wheel (I guess you mean this one) is not supported:

But you can make a request and ask Athom if they will support this device: