[APP][Pro] Philips Hue Zigbee (Without the bridge)

Philips Hue Zigbee

This app adds support for the Philips Hue Devices.


Supported devices

  • Adore Bathroom Ceiling Light (White Ambiance) (LTC021, 3418411P6)
  • Adore Bathroom Mirror Light (LTW017, 3417711P6)
  • Amarant Linear Outdoor Light (1746630P7)
  • Amaze Pendant Light (LTP002)
  • Ambiance Spot (LTW013, LTW014)
  • Argenta Spotlights (5062148P7, 5062131P7, 5062248P7, 5062231P7, 5062448P7, 5062348P7)
  • Aurelle Round Panel (3216431P6)
  • Aurelle Rectangular (3216331P6)
  • Aurelle Rectangle Panel (LTC015)
  • Aurelle Square (LTC014)
  • Being Ceiling (LTC001)
  • Being Ceiling Lamp (3261031P6)
  • Being Pendant (LTP008)
  • Beyond Ceiling (HBL003, LLM001)
  • Beyond Pendant (HBL002)
  • Beyond Table (HBL001)
  • Buckram Spotlights (5047131P6, 5047231P6, 5047331P6, 5047431P6, 929003048301_01, 929003048301_02, 929003048301_03, 929003048301_04)
  • Bulb 1600 Lumen White (LWA009)
  • Bulb 9W A60 E27 EUR (White) (LWA001)
  • Bulb A19 (Color) (LCT001, LCT015, LCT007, LCT010, LCT014, LCT016)
  • Bulb A19 (White Ambiance) (LTW001, LTW004, LTW010, LTW015)
  • Bulb E14 BT (White) (LWE002)
  • Bulb E14 Candle (White Ambiance) (LTW012)
  • Bulb E14 Candle (White and Color Ambiance) (LCE002)
  • Bulb E14 Candle (White Ambiance BT) (LTE002)
  • Bulb E14 P45 (White) (LWU001)
  • Bulb E27 BT (White and Color Ambiance) (LCA001)
  • Bulb E27 BT (White Ambiance) (LTA001)
  • Bulb E27 BT (White Ambiance) (LTA011)
  • Bulb E27 BT (White 1100 Lumen) (LWA011, LWA017)
  • Bulb A60 E27 (White) (LWF002, LWB010, LWB014, LWB004, LWB006, LWB007)
  • Bulb Filament A60 E27 (White Ambient) (LTA005)
  • Bulb Filament Candle E14 (LWE004)
  • Bulb Filament E27 ST72 (LWV003)
  • Bulb Filament G125 E27 (White Ambient) (LTO002)
  • Bulb Filament G23 E27 (White Ambient) (LTO001)
  • Centris Panel (5060730P7_01, 5060731P7_01, 5061031P7_01)
  • Centris Spot (5060730P7_02, 5060731P7_02, 5061031P7_02, 5060730P7_03, 5060731P7_03, 5061031P7_03, 5060730P7_04, 5060731P7_04, 5060730P7_05, 5060731P7_05)
  • Cher Ceiling (LTC011, 4096730P6)
  • Cher Pendant (LTP001, 4076130P6)
  • Color Candle (LCT012)
  • Color Spot GU10 (LCG002)
  • Connected Lamp GU10 (LCT003)
  • Devere Medium Ceiling Light (915005997601)
  • Dimmer Switch (RWL020, RWL020 US version, RWL021)
  • Econic light (1743830P7)
  • Econic Wall Light (1743930P7)
  • Ensis Pendant (4090331P9)
  • Fair Ceiling Lamp (LTC002)
  • Fair Pendant (LTP003)
  • Filament A60 (LWA004)
  • Filament G93 (LWO001)
  • Filament ST64 (LWV001)
  • Flourish Pendant (4090631P9)
  • Fluorish Ceiling(4090531P9)
  • Flourish Table Light (White and Color Ambiance) (4090431P9)
  • Fugato Double Spotlight (White and Color) (5063230P7)
  • Fugato Triple Spotlight (5063330P7)
  • Fuzo Outdoor Pedestal Light (1744830P7)
  • Fuzo Outdoor Wall Light (1744430P7, 1744530P7, 1744630P7 )
  • Garnea Downlight (LTD011)
  • GU10 PF (White) (LWG001)
  • GU10 (White and Color Ambiance) (5045131P7)
  • GU10 BT (White Ambiance) (LTG002)
  • Go (LLC020)
  • Go BT (LCT026)
  • LightStrips (LST001, LCL006)
  • LightStrips Plus (LST002)
  • Lightstrip Plus V4 (LCL001)
  • Lily Outdoor Spot (LCS001)
  • Living Colors Aura (LLC014)
  • Living Colors Bloom (LLC011, LLC012)
  • Living Colors Iris (LLC010, 929002376101, 929002376201, 929002376301, 929002376401)
  • Mickey Mouse Bloom/Aura Living Colors (LLC013)
  • Milliskin GU10 Recessed Spotlight White Ambiance (5041148P7)
  • Motion Sensor (SML001) (Legacy driver)
  • Occupancy Sensor - (SML001, SML003)
  • Outdoor Appear Wall Light (Upper and Lower)
  • Outdoor Calla (White and Color Ambiance) (LCF002, LCF005, 1742030P7)
  • Outdoor Discover Floodlight (1743530P7)
  • Outdoor Fuzo Wall Lantern (1744430P7)
  • Outdoor Fuzo Wall Light (White) (1744630P7, 1744530P7)
  • Outdoor Impress Path Light (White och Color Ambiance ) (1743230P7)
  • Outdoor Impress Wall Light (White och Color Ambiance) (1742930P7, 1743030P7)
  • Outdoor Impress Pedestal Light (1743130P7)
  • Outdoor Lightstrip (LST003 and LST004)
  • Outdoor Lightstrip 2 meter (LCL002)
  • Outdoor Lightstrip 5 meter (LCL003)
  • Outdoor Lily XL Spotlight
  • Outdoor Lucca Garden Light (LWW001)
  • Outdoor Lucca Post (LWW002)
  • Outdoor Nyro Pedestal (1745530P7)
  • Outdoor Nyro Wall Light (1745630P7)
  • Outdoor Occupancy Sensor - (SML002, 9290019758, SML004)
  • Outdoor Resonate Wall Light (1746447P7)
  • Outdoor Sensor (SML002) (Legacy driver)
  • Outdoor Turaco Wall Light (LWW003, 1647293P0)
  • Outdoor Welcome Floodlight (1743630P7)
  • Phoenix Downlight (HML006)
  • Phoenix Pendant (HML003)
  • Phoenix Table (HML005)
  • Phoenix Wall (HML004)
  • Play Lightbar (LCT024, 440400982841, 440400982842)
  • Runner Spotlight (5309030P9, 5309031P9, 5309030P6, 5309031P6, 5309230P6, 5309231P6, 5309330P6, 5309331P6)
  • Sana Wall Light (LCW001)
  • Signe Floor Light (White and Color Ambiance) (LCF003)
  • Smart Button (ROM001, RDM003)
  • Smart Plug (LOM001, LOM002, LOM005, LOM007, LOM008)
  • Spot GU10 BT (LWG004)
  • Still Ceiling (LTC003)
  • Struana Ceiling (LTC012)
  • Surimu Rectangle Ceiling Panel (929002966501)
  • Tap Dial Switch (RDM002)
  • Wall Switch Module (RDM004)

Known issues

  • Motion sensors (in- and outdoor): If your sensor is not working after an upgrade removing and re-pairing your sensor might be needed. Please note there is also an alternative driver for motion sensors.

  • Power on behavior: The light device must support this feature and some units needs a Hue firmware upgrade to handle it.


If a Philips Hue device has been used with a Philips Hue bridge, or bought as a package with a bridge, it must be reset using the Philips Hue bridge or a Philips Hue Remote before trying to connect it directly to Homey.

Requesting a device to be added

Missing a Philips Hue device?

  1. Add the device to Homey as a Generic Zigbee device
  2. Interview the device using https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee
  3. Wait for the interview to finish (might take a while) and post the data (press copy icon) in an issue (see below)
  4. Open an issue on GitHub Issues · JohanBendz/com.philips.hue.zigbee · GitHub and paste the code and link to the device on www.meethue.com.


If possible, please report issues and make requests at the issues section on Github otherwise as a reply in this topic. Issues · JohanBendz/com.philips.hue.zigbee · GitHub

Thanks for all the interest in the app and all the help and support.
If you like my work please consider a donation! :smiley:


Hi there.
Yes, Sebastian who is the original author of the Philips Hue Zigbee app transferred it to me.


Hi Johan,

I’ve got the Hue Ensis pendant and AFAICT it should be supported by your app. However, when trying to add it I receive the message that there’s no compatible app installed and therefore it has been added as a basic Zigbee device. Am I doing anything wrong?

The information for this lamp according to the Homey app is as follows:
Product ID (top light): 4090331P9_02
Product ID (bottom light): 4090331P9_01
Device ID: 269
Profile ID: 260

Just for clarification; this lamp contains 2 lights that can be controlled independently from each other, hence the 2 (slightly different) product ID’s.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @baZzz and thanks for your feedback!
Hmm, OK so do you add it two times to get the two different product ID’s from Homey or do you get two devices just from one pairing?

I see that the unit have been added in the app with an other Product ID so what I can do is to add a new device with the product IDs you provide. I just need to make sure I understand the _01 and _02 bit correctly :slight_smile:

I had to add them twice. So each light was added and identified separately. (I’ve included screenshots to clarify.)

Thanks @baZzz for the clarification, I added two new devices to the Test version of the app, please try if this works for you.

Awesome, you da man! :+1:
The only issue is that I made a mistake… :flushed: The lower is actually the upper and the other way around. So the upper light is _01 and the lower _02. Sorry about this!


LOL, THANKS! :slight_smile:
No problem, I’ll just switch it and publish a new test version.

@baZzz Fixed.

Thanks, it’s working flawlessly right now. :+1:t3:

2 More questions though:

  1. After adding the lights to Homey again, they revert back to their default settings. This means that after a power interruption they don’t remember their last setting. In order to change this behavior I first have to add the lights to the Hue Bluetooth app again and manually change this. Would it be possible though to add this setting to the ‘Advanced settings’ of the lights, so this can be changed from within Homey?
  2. I’m now running the test version of the app. I assume this won’t get updated by itself, so do I have to manually install the regular version of the app again once that has been updated with these changes?

Thanks again!

Hmm, I’ll see what I can do about that. I have seen that request from several ppl.

You will get updates to the Test app but it depends on how I publish the Live version if you will automatically get “upgraded” or not… I’ll keep in mind to inform.

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Great, thanks for all the effort! I’ll keep watching this topic. :+1:t3:


I’ve bought a fuzo outdoor light. It should be compatible with your app. When I add the device it is a unknown zigbee device. Is there anything I’m doing wrong or a little bug in the app?

Greetz Jelmer

Hi @Jelmertje, Fuzo is so far only supported by the test version of the app. Please feel free to try it out. I’d be happy if you report back how it works and if any issues occur. (you can always go back to the Live version without problems)

And please do come back with generic info for the device if you have tried the test version and still are unable to pair your Fuzo device with Homey.

Thanks for fast answering Johan! I installed the beta version. Now I’m having the possibility to dim the light. It works fine. Great job!

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is this lamp also supported and what type is it? Thx!!!


Will do that.

It’s Philips LivingColors Aura (LLC014 ) and yes, it’s supported by the app.


Great, will try again.

First rest by hue dimmer switch, then add in homey.


Nope, i cant connect it.
It is an old one, round remote but does not connect.