Homey and Philips hue motion sensor

Philips hue motion sensor in homey, when I set it up I need to have a room for it in Philips hue app… Then I need to have a light from Philips hue to create a room. So the motion sensor can not stand alone in a room without a Philips hue lights?

I wanted to test the sensor because my fibaro sensor are beginning to get slow. Any tip?

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I do only own two outdoor hue sensors.
They’re connected to a hue bridge and that bridge is connected to my Homey.
This works perfectly.
Btw, I ddin’t make rooms in the hue app.

If you do not have any lights, just a motion sensor, you could also consider linking it to Homey directly with the app for Hue without the bridge. Then you don’t need the Hue bridge.

Ok? I had to place it in a room to make it save /store settings…

Is that possible?

Yes, assuming you own a Homey 2016/2019/Pro and not Homey cloud. You can use this app and pair the motion sensor straight to Homey:

Nice thank you! Downloaded the ordernary Philips hue with bridge.

Hello again! I tried to use my old flow with active and inactive zones, doesn’t work for this sensor?

I do not use zone activity with this sensor, I only respond to triggers directly from the device. That would be a question to post in the topic for the app.

I’m using zone activity with Hue sensors without any problems. In my system Hue motion sensor is paired directly to Homey.

Hue updated the app so that sucks.
When you add the sensor, don’t select a room. Scroll down and click setup with Apple homekit and then it’s OK to not have a room. Next import it in homey.

I made the mistake to select setup elsewhere. It did connect to hue bridge but wat not manageble at all anymore… So I have lost sensor.
The nice thing with the bridge is that it’s included in you’re hue zigbee network. Homey has its own zigbee network.

I ended up putting them in philips hue’s bridge, disabled all options on the sensors in bridge then I made flows in homey. Everything work perfectly​:+1::blush:

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I want to add my phillips motion sensor as well, it is in pairing mode but it wont be found by homey (cloud) is that not working for homey cloud yet? also i can not seem to be able to add my hue bridge to homey (cloud) only my hue bulbs and plug. Can someone in baby language tell me what i could try… fairly new to homey (cloud) have it since today lol

@ app store, by pushing the Homey beta button, you can view which Hue devices are supported at the moment.
With the Hue bridge paired with Homey that is.

Thank you for your fast reply Peter, to bad i can not use my motion sensor with my homey bridge yet, maybe in the future.

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